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Logo and Lodriguss

Several things to see in the logo:

– The Rod of Asclepius in Greek Mythology, associated with healing and medicine.

– The snake representing the Kundalini power, the Life Force arising and moving within

– The stylized Human in the center, arms powerfully outstretched

– The smaller leaves representing new growth

– The large leaves representing full growth and the ability to ‘fly’

– The yellow-orange circle, representing the sun, which powers all of Nature

– The boundary of the circle, which contains all of Duality within it, and which represents the limits of dualistic perception

– Outside the circle is Oneness… from which the Human and the Kundalini snake originate (outside the circle at the bottom).

Human consciousness develops within the circle, within duality. We all have a destiny to develop our consciousness further in each lifetime. Each incarnation manifests a physical being, accompanied and directed by your soul, which couples with your physical being. Your soul powers your innate conscious Life Force, known as Kundalini.

To develop the ability to ‘fly,’ the human must become intimately aware of:

– its body, its operation and its health;

– its mind, its operation and its health;

– its personal power & sovereignty, and its application in his life;

– the essence and purpose of his relationships with People & Nature.

All of these, once mastered sufficiently, trigger the most fundamental of human desires: to intense and relentless desire to seek reunion with the Divine Source of All That Is.

With sufficient soul development through many human incarnation experiences, a lifetime arrives such that you are ready for your Kundalini to fully awaken inside, initiated and powered by your soul’s energy. When fully activated, your Kundalini Awakening Process proceeds to completely and thoroughly examine, dissect and eliminate all obstacles inside you that have blocked your enlightened awareness and higher perception. You make the breakthrough beyond ego and beyond duality as you mature into your ability to ‘fly’ in Oneness. The separate “you” that you thought you were within duality disappears. Forever.

Now you know, by direct experience, the Oneness of Being.

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