~ Purpose of this Website ~

This website is about Awakening. Awakening into a much bigger, better, simpler and more truthful reality.

Awakenings, the Big Revelations that may occur from time to time, are some of the most wonderful and joyful experiences you can ever have. Better than any vacation, or celebrating a momentary achievement. Not only is the joy of an awakening a fantastic experience in itself, the awakening movement inside you can reconfigure you; transform your life forever. A whole new perspective opens up. A blast of insight and wisdom permeates your being.

The dominant theme of this website is this: You are alive. You exist. You are aware. You are a completely unique individual. You are a miracle, living within a miracle. You own and control your self. You are 100% accountable and responsible for your own life. You own and use the most awesome tools ever created on this planet – a self-aware mind, an amazing body and unlimited creative imagination and passion to do anything you want to do. Your only limitation… is you.

Every part of this website is about you: your innate power, your innate capabilities, your innate destiny and your free will ability to choose whatever you want.

I focus on three important areas in which I have experienced my most life-enhancing transformational changes – Health, Liberty and Spiritual Awakening.

Each of these subjects could have its own website. The reason I include all three together is because I have found a common theme and process that runs through each of them.

The more conviction you put into to your Process, the easier it gets and the faster it all comes together. Each breakthrough supports and sets the stage for the next one. It’s an awesome thing to experience.

The Process:

  • Requires a burning desire to seek the truth.
  • Will put you through intense episodes of confronting your current limited beliefs.
  • Demands a focused period of dissecting, detoxifying and eliminating the false beliefs, ineffective practices and stuck patterns that hold you back.

Always remember, the more you summon up the courage to take on the Process, the easier it gets and the faster it all comes together. Each breakthrough supports and sets the stage for the next one. Once fully ignited inside you, The Process takes over; there is no stopping it.

I am happy to offer you everything I have learned. My successes, my failures. In return, I strongly encourage self-motivation, self-reflection and self-reliance. If recounting my successes helps you succeed faster, or my failures helps you fail less, we both are better because of it.

Grow Into Your Potential

Freedom, liberty, independence and autonomy is what human life is about. This is what we are meant to grow up and mature into: confidently autonomous, self-determining, self-balancing, self-healing, self-regulating, self-correcting and self-loving beings.

From this high state of concordance, confidence and power you not only live a supremely satisfying life. You can also have a profound influence on everyone and everything you encounter. A fully mature, connected, open and authentic human being is a rare presence in our world. Let’s make it more common.

Make no mistake… these are my opinions, my points of view. My story unfolded absolutely perfectly for me. Your story will be different. And perfect for you. The content and context of your story is unique. So will be your awakenings.

That said, there are many parallels and commonalities in everyone’s seeking and awakening process. Our shared human experience of time, space, thoughts and feelings puts us all on the same stage as we each act out our destiny.

In these pages I hope you will find something interesting, something useful. If you do find something useful, apply it and see what happens. Perhaps you’ll find a word or a phrase; a concept or an insight that will be the exact key you need right now. The locked door in front of you can then be opened and your forward path resumed.


In the areas of Natural Health and Liberty, I am talking about our relative world… our perceived world containing both the yin and yang opposites of duality; of the gritty humanness of the journey; of the pain, pleasure and challenges of organic life. Learning, applying and living within the Laws of a healthy, free, organic human life is not easy. You will have many challenges, and many breakthroughs. In the end, however, it all does become easy, precisely because it is simple. You are coming back home to your own instincts and intuition, which have been with you all along… buried under mountains of false beliefs and wrong information.

I will lay it all out – Health and Liberty – as I have come to know it and experience it. I am not interested in defending my points of view, as if we are in a competitive intellectual debating contest. I say what I see. I speak what I know. If it helps to open your mind and you find it useful, take it and run with it. If not, feel free to move on to other points of view.

I am happy to clarify concepts and their finer details when and where appropriate. ‘Appropriate’ means that you are actively applying these concepts in your own life, you hit a bump and realize that you really need some help. If your sincere and authentic desire is apparent, I’m happy and honored to help. If not, I’m not.

Wherever I am talking about the process and finality of permanent Awakening and Enlightenment, I will jump between worlds – the relative and the absolute. As your Awakening Process powers through you, stripping down and then rebuilding your body and mind, we will look at how this is experienced in the relative realm of mind and flesh. Simultaneously, as the Awakening Process powers through you, permanently demolishing and clearing away the rubble that has separated you from your Source, you will experience immense, incredible and amazing revelations of Spirit. In this absolute reality you will take your first steps into eternity. The majesty of it all, the awe-inspiring perfection, the indisputable feeling of infinite connection with All That Is… words cannot touch this. When you experience it, you will know it. There is no faking it. There is no doubt. You are back Home to your true essence, having fulfilled your purpose, and having reclaimed your Natural State… which paradoxically has been with you all along. Again, words fail. You must experience it for yourself.

When I speak of the relative aspects of spiritual seeking and awakening, I am not interested in debating endless intellectual points about precise definitions of spiritual terms, ‘levels’ of enlightenment, what the guru/holy-man/holy-book said, and all the other esoterica surrounding the subject of spirituality. I will speak of my relative process and its end result, and will tie that in with the similar process that occurs in the other realms of life, health and liberty.

In the final analysis, enlightenment cannot, and will never be defined or precisely described. To talk about it is fun, but ultimately pointless. The only useful points are to confirm that there is an awakening process involved, there are ways to prepare for it, there are some indicators of readiness or ripeness for the process, and there is a radically expanded and magnificent state of being that results from the process. I am most happy to discuss these points.

Other than that, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

If my journey is helpful to you, I will be supremely grateful to have helped.

Let’s Rock & Roll.

You May Be Someone

You may be someone who is ripe and ready for big change in this human lifetime.

You may be someone who is smoldering with anger and outrage at the insanity and self-destructiveness you see all around you.

You may be someone who is saddened and despondent about the degenerating state of our planet.

You may be someone who is tired of feeling sick and tired, in pain and suffering, or simply not functioning at the level you wish.

You may be someone who longs for simple, natural and common sense knowledge to guide you in a healthful, sane and confident life.

You may be someone who finds it very difficult to cut through all the crap and see the simplicity of what actually works, and why it works.

Most importantly you may be someone who is getting radically honest with yourself, about yourself.

You may be someone who looks into the mirror and you no longer like who you see.

You may be someone who is beginning to realize that your own thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and opinions are mostly BS.

You may be someone who is beginning to see that your daily ‘act’ is bogus, your delivery flat, your charisma weak and your posturing pathetic… you cannot fake ‘authenticity’ any longer.

You may be someone who not only sees the insanity of the world around you, but you also realize that you have plugged yourself into that world and bought into the insanity far more than you have previously allowed yourself to admit.

Maybe you are someone who knows that it’s high time to unplug and exit from this bizarre ‘reality’ you believe you are stuck in.

If you are any of these ‘someones,’ I trust you’ll find this website useful.


There is a majestic and amazing Perfection operating on our planet and in our Universe. It’s everywhere, in everything, at all times. It runs the whole show. There is one Grand Movement occurring, expressed through countless forms. Your own real-time awareness of, direct experience of, and potential for co-creative interaction with The Perfection is being blocked… by you. Right now you cannot see, feel or know The Perfection because layer upon layer of your counterfeit beliefs separate you from it. Your beliefs may be sincere, but that makes them no less an obstacle.

Your spiritual search is all about returning to intimacy and re-union with The Perfection. Your current sense of separation from it is the problem…

You have a personal story; a his-story or her-story. It’s your personal, precious and treasured story. This story is a construct of who you think you are. That story has been constructed, brick by brick, by all the hundreds of beliefs you have ever taken on. Beliefs about who you think you are; beliefs about how you perceive the world and everything in it. Every experience you have either strengthens or weakens your current set of beliefs. Weaker beliefs slowly disintegrate and fall away. Stronger ones get even stronger, and you get older you tend to become solidly ‘identified’ with your unique set of strong personal beliefs. Your sense of identity is squarely based on your story, and your story is constructed of your beliefs.

Each belief is like one of the strings in the photo to the left. Create and identify with a bunch of strong belief strings, and you ain’t goin’ nowhere. Though each belief seems raher flimsy, doesn’t feel to be impinging on your life all that much, and your mind may say it is not all that important… the truth is that belief has got you. It plays an integral role in the story that says, “This is who I am.”

Even moreso, of course, are the Big Beliefs you carry around with you – your opinions about yourself, your judgments about yourself, and plenty more. Add in the external beliefs you have taken on – religion, politics, career, family – You definitely ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Another good visual is this: Every belief you hold restricts you like another layer of wrapping around a mummy.

Look closely at the mummy. Recognize it?
You are the mummy.

Better Beliefs?

You may think that changing your beliefs to new and better beliefs will fix your problem. But changing your beliefs merely changes the feel of your separation. The separation itself is still there. It is still there because the cause of it is still there. Changing or improving beliefs is merely playing with symptoms. Getting at the root cause is your only answer.

See, challenge and eliminate a fake, false belief and you eliminate that small bit of its contribution to your feeling of separation. If you are able to not replace that false belief with another belief, of any kind, the result is an opening, a freeing of a small part of you, and a freeing of energy to flow through you more effectively.

For example, maybe you once had a belief in Santa Claus. Then one day that belief was shattered. It might have caused you some temporary sad and disoriented feelings, but soon you recovered. Now, minus the belief in Santa Claus, your little mind is more open to other possibilities about how you receive gifts at Christmas. We will tackle far more important and far more limiting beliefs that you carry inside you as an adult.

Weakens Then Crashes

With every opening, every freeing up of more energy flow, you are becoming more real. More authentic. More connected to The Perfection – that which is truly important.

Keep going with the relentless process of challenging and eliminating your fake, false beliefs.

Your sense of separation continues to weaken. Your sense of connection and clarity grows.

One fine day the remaining fragile skeleton of your fake belief structure crashes, dis-integrates and literally disappears. No new structure, story or other belief system replaces it, because your need for an egoic structure is gone. As the superstructure of ‘you’ crashes and burns, all your seeking, questioning and constant background anxiety disappears with it. Permanently.

Now clarity prevails. Perfection abounds. Separation is no more. You and The Perfection are now naturally and automatically united, because the cause of separation is completely gone.

If Enough Individuals Awaken

In your life you have the ability to think, act and create. As fake beliefs are purged and clarity takes over, your thoughts, imagination, actions and creations will be far more clear, pure and authentic. A whole new way of perceiving, living and being dominates your awareness and your life. I call it The Natural State. It is an awesome thing to experience and know for yourself.

If enough individuals Wake Up in this world of ours, we will see superior thought, deeper understanding and right action replace the insanity all around us. Those who insist on clinging to old, rigid, inferior and violent ways will find themselves sidelined, ignored, made irrelevant. They will either get with the program, or eliminate themselves.

From my vantage point, the only way out of the collective insanity on our planet is by Waking Up Individually in a big way. Lots of us. One at a time, but spreading like wildfire. Even then, of course, there is no guarantee of success. But it will surely make for a helluva better time of it. We are each capable of far more than we know. As awake people voluntarily come together, driven by the sheer passion to take the High Road and see what we can create, we will leap forward like this planet has never seen before.

You do not fight the existing system, or fight your existing internal ego structure. You do not try to change the existing system or your structure. Reform is pointless. Revolution is pointless.

Transcend your current reality by transcending your old programmed self. Dismantle your old self and leave it behind… like working your way out of a rusty suit of armor.

That is the answer.

An amazing potential lies within each of us to see, become and express our unique reflection of Perfection.


We’ve got a new world to build.

Let’s get on with it.

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