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What Is Natural Health

Natural Health is a term that would normally be understood as a state of health created and maintained by natural, organic, biologically appropriate means. However, in today’s human world, the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ have been brutalized and contorted beyond comprehension. And the word ‘health,’ while still maintaining some semblance of common sense understanding, has also been manipulated to mean many things which it is not.

I have spent many thousands of hours exploring, studying and experimenting in the natural health arena, and all of this trial and error has led me to a beautiful, comprehensive and plainly sensible health care system called Natural Hygiene. Once I learned it and put it to work, I never looked back. Natural Hygiene is the most “natural” of natural health care concepts you will ever find. The results are outstanding, and speak for themselves.

What Is Natural Hygiene

“The Natural Hygiene system is TRUE. It is in harmony with nature, in accord with the principles of vital organic existence, correct in science, sound in philosophy, in agreement with common sense, successful in results, and a blessing to humanity.”
– Russell Trall, MD

Natural Hygiene is an extremely effective system for achieving overall human health and happiness. The name comes from two words: Natural – in harmony with Nature, and Hygiene – the science, conditions and practices that serve to promote health and well-being.

Natural Hygiene recognizes that the human body is a fully self-sufficient organism that is self-directing, self-constructing, self-preserving and self-healing. It is capable of maintaining itself in superb functioning order, free of disease, if its basic needs are properly met.

The principles of Natural Hygiene have been derived from careful observation and study of how nature works, how animals live in nature, and how human beings can ideally live in harmony with nature as well. The core Natural Hygiene philosophy, principles and practices are clear and solid. They apply to every one of us. Once you see it, it’s obvious.

The challenge is not how to live healthfully. That’s easy. The challenge is to muster the courage to learn it, apply it, and rid yourself of all the false knowledge and toxic garbage that is inside you.

As always, the proof is in the results. If you are willing to take it upon yourself to study and learn the simple yet profound truths of Natural Hygiene, and then apply them to all facets of your life, I can guarantee that you will be astounded at the positive changes you will experience in your overall health and well-being. It is literally awesome, in the best sense of the word.

Equally remarkable are your radically transformed attitudes about your new state of health, your new daily personal health care habits, and how your previous worries about disease and its prevention have become non-issues. The bottom line: You become healthy, and now you know how to keep it. According to Nature’s plan.

Fully armed with this rock-solid knowledge, you will feel for yourself the joyful, confident strength of a well-tuned, smoothly-functioning body and mind. You feel an extraordinary lightness of being as the heavy weights of fear, anxiety and doubt about your health are removed from your shoulders. Disease is no longer a concern for you. Should it arise, now you know how to properly deal with it.

Join me in learning this beautiful, harmonious way of living, and take your rewards of health, power and passion into all the other areas of your life. Go here to the Natural Hygiene page.

Does It Work?

Natural Hygiene works so well because it is directly and firmly tied to the Laws of Nature. If you contemplate the Big Picture of Life on Earth for a few moments, you realize the fundamental truth: Nature Works.

Nature has been creating, recreating and experimenting with life for hundreds of millions of years. She knows what She is doing. The evolutionary urge is always pushing to make things better, improving and optimizing, and Nature has tried just about every technique imaginable.

Nature Works. Natural Laws are eternal and solidly in place. Every living thing on planet Earth instinctively follows Natural Laws, and their result is optimal development, health and fitness.

Nature is self-directing, self-sustaining, self-repairing, self-replicating and self-intentioned (the evolutionary urge for improvement and refinement). If you want to be smart about your own self-development and self-improvement, then it makes sense to go with what works, right?

Nature and truly natural principles are your baseline, your bottom line. Don’t fight Nature. And don’t kid yourself by believing you can improve on Her ideas. Study Her, learn how She works. Practice Her laws and processes, harmonize and flow with them. You will see for yourself what happens.

You, too, will never look back.

Using Nature and Her laws as your guide, you will learn for yourself how to operate at your peak physical health. Mental health. Emotional health. Spiritual health. To get yourself on track, you must Free Your Mind from ignorance in order to Free Your Body from disease.

The minds and bodies of the vast majority of people on earth are afflicted and impaired; overburdened and handicapped, governed by false beliefs and poisoned by toxic garbage. Wrong ideas, contradictory concepts, stubborn biases and absurd beliefs. Dozens of bad habits, poor diet, poor body mechanics and impulsive emotional patterns are firmly ingrained.

The more ingrained they are, the more ‘normal’ they seem to their owner. As more and more people think and live in similar self-destructive ways, the grossly abnormal becomes socially ‘normal’… but it should truly be called common or typical, because it is not normal.

If you want to get yourself out of this maze of confusion and degeneration, then clear seeing, clear action and clear commitment are needed. This requires focused self-examination:

  • Take careful note of what you are presently doing,
  • Open yourself up to the possibility that better methods are available
  • Learn how to find what works for you.

Your goal? Learn the essentials of how Nature operates, its Laws and processes, and intelligently apply it to yourself in your day-to-day life. In other words, learn your proper place in Nature, and follow Her rules… like every other living being on planet Earth. That is what Natural Hygiene is all about.

Freed up from ignorance, your body immediately begins tossing out the garbage. When you stop poisoning yourself, all your body’s systems immediately get to work as they rejuvenate and retune themselves to the peak of their abilities. Simultaneously you challenge your old beliefs, assumptions, opinions and biases about health and your daily habits that live in your mind. Out with the old and in with the new. In fact, many of these old, weird and destructive beliefs and behavior patterns will simply vanish when you look at them and challenge them head on. It’s an amazing and liberating process to experience. I highly recommend it.
This same process applies to the other sections of this website: Freedom, Liberty, Personal Sovereignty, Spiritual Awakening. I will revisit the natural mechanics of these processes again and again on this site.

How Do I Do It?

How do I work with my patients and students using Natural Hygiene? After 30+ years of doing this work professionally, the way I see it, clinically apply it and intuitively teach it, is quite simple and direct.

What Do You Want?

When someone comes to me seeking help for health and lifestyle problems, we first go agree to our rules of engagement. Then we begin with a simple set of questions.

It goes like this:

If I am not clear about what you want, I can do nothing for you.

If you are not clear, precisely clear about what you want, then no one else can or will do much if anything worthwhile for you.

Most importantly, if you do not know exactly what you want, then you can do little or nothing worthwhile and valuable for yourself. You’ll simply walk in little circles, endlessly seeking and grabbing whatever answers that clever marketers make appealing to you in the moment. Eventually you’ll realize that you are going nowhere, wasting time, money and precious life energy in the process.

Health care, true health care, is a solo affair. It’s about self-determination, self-effort, self-evaluation and self-correction. All of that together equals self-reliance.

A self-reliant person is a strong, creative, powerful person.

Here’s the deal:

1) Learn the essential points of Natural Hygiene philosophy, principles and practices.
Study life and nutrition the Natural Hygiene way: The what, why and how. You need to get yourself cleaned out, regenerated, rejuvenated, and a solid foundation firmly in place by eating a proper healthful diet for 1-3 months. This may include one or more short water fasts along the way. As well, you’ll be recreating your daily lifestyle, beginning to add basic but significant improvements across the board. I’ll mention this later.

2) Commit to 1-3 months to make the big changes. This is your Rebuild.
At the beginning, take inventory of yourself – how you feel, how you look, how you think, and your overall attitude. Look closely at your talents and abilities, your habits, your addictions, your personality traits. Note where you succeed and where you don’t. Take measurements – weight, pulse rate, blood pressure; typical sleep habits, exercise habits and so on.

Write it all down, audio record it or make a video about yourself – to yourself. Lay it all out. Be focused about it. You are working with you. Nobody else matters when you do this. Be brutally honest with yourself, by yourself and to yourself about yourself. Be very accurate about where you stand right now. Do this as well as you possibly can. Write it down, record it, photograph it and video it as many times as you need to, so that you feel satisfied that you have done your inventory and self-assessment thoroughly and completely.

This is absolutely essential. You must log it in, so that you have a permanent record ‘outside of yourself,’ outside of your tricky mind. You will have it in your hands or on your computer. Otherwise you will forget things, lose track of things, slip up, tell yourself it doesn’t matter, regress, and soon be right back where you started. Your sneaky ego will take over your mind, and your BS excuse-riddled self-talk will beat you every time if you do not log in and document yourself: exactly where you stand and where you want to go.

3) Scrutinize how you are – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. During the 1-3 month rebuild, periodically stop to examine yourself along the way. I suggest doing it every week. And then do a comprehensive examination about yourself at the end. Compare to your notes and your memory of how you were over the past 3 months.

4) Along the way, be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Admit to yourself when you have been less-than-stellar in your thoughts and follow-through action. That doesn’t mean to beat up on yourself when you have been ‘bad.’ What it does mean is to notice what you are doing as it happens, or immediately afterwards. More awareness is always your key word to live by. Catch yourself before you fall into the trap of quickly denying or rationalizing your actions that are out of integrity. Use that moment of awareness to honestly assess what has occurred, and quickly note any insight that occurs about why you did it. Build your capacity to be more aware. That is the key.

There will be times when you slip up; when emotions get the best of you; when old habits get the best of you; when your body does not cooperate according to your plans. Peer pressure, career pressure, family pressure, status pressure, social pressure, ego pressure and all the other pressures of life can get the best of you and cause you to do things that are out of integrity.

When any of these happen, steel yourself and look closely at the situation – Right Now. Don’t beat yourself up, shaming and blaming; that is pointless. Instead just catch yourself in the act… “Ah, there I go again. Damn. OK. Where did I go wrong? What just happened in my mind that caused me to deviate from what I really want to do?”

5) Make changes, additions, subtractions as necessary. If you are not sure what to do, start researching. Everything you need to know is available to you. Use this website for ideas. Ask me for help – education, consultation, opinion, advice, counseling. Learn directly with me – courses, personal mentoring. Make it happen.

6) Repeat steps 3, 4 & 5 for the rest of your life.

Apply the same protocol for the other facets of Natural Hygiene – sleep, exercise, sunshine, air, water, etc. If you are really gung-ho, apply this process to all Natural Hygiene facets of your daily life together, at the same time. Make it a Total Rebuild. What you will experience will blow your mind. And once you’ve done it, you’ve got it down. You own it. Forever.

You’ll look at yourself in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and realize, “Wow. I did this. I feel great, look better, have much more energy yet I am calmer, clearer and more in control. A state of confident, calm awareness has washed over me and become my natural state.
This is Good. This is Right. This is how it should be for Everyone.
Wow! What else can I do?”


That’s the Program. Do your best. Get serious. And have plenty of fun with it, too.

Yeah, yeah… I know… all of this is much easier said than done. But I tell you what. I can guarantee that you will be absolutely thrilled about how good you look, how well you feel, how sharp your mind is working, and the pure joy you experience and emanate to everyone. It’s amazing, wonderful… and contagious.

This is exactly the kind of contagious epidemic the world really needs.


Use the information on this website to get yourself motivated and educated. I offer Courses in Natural Hygiene to teach you all about it. I offer personal consultations if you’ve got specific issues that are holding you back.

I offer long-distance fasting supervision with daily guidance. And I may open another dedicated fasting and spiritual awakening retreat here in Ecuador, if sufficient interest in it develops from this website. If this interests you, contact me and let me know what you think.


To see the essential philosophy and principles of Natural Hygiene, go here.

To read a more in-depth article (True Health Freedom) about the fundamentals of Natural Hygiene, click here.

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