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Essential Natural Hygiene Course

IMO, Natural Hygiene is the superior personal health care system. I highly recommend it for everyone. It is the starting point; home base. This knowledge is the foundation for superior health and well-being, if you are living on planet Earth. For those on other planets, different rules may apply.

Most of us have little or no real knowledge about the fundamental principles of human health, what it takes to maintain it, or recover it after it has been lost. The knowledge we do have has likely been picked up in bits and pieces up over time, based on random experiences, questionable advice, some good points, and lots of outright false information. These Natural Hygiene fundamental principles should have been learned, and learned well, in our childhood. Instead, most of us will need to purge ourselves of all our accumulated false and fragmented knowledge, and re-learn the basics. Once that is achieved, your confidence and competence in matters of personal health care will be solid. You’ll never look back.

The Essential NH Course teaches you all of the fundamental philosophy, principles, and practices of a brilliant, simple, elegant and profound way of life. It works because it is firmly based on how Nature works for all life. This whole website is dedicated to discovering and making use of fundamental principles of Life, across the board. Natural Hygiene is how Nature works in the realm of human health care.

I have the Essential Natural Hygiene Course available online for your study and enjoyment. Go here for more information and enrollment.

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