~ Natural Hygiene ~

Natural Hygiene – What Is it?

The name comes from two words:
Natural – in harmony with Nature,
Hygiene – the art of creating and maintaining good health.

I think of it as the science and common sense of good health.

Natural means directly created by and functioning within nature. From, of or concerning Nature. Most people understand this.

Hygiene, meaning ‘that which creates and maintains good health,’ is unknown by most people. Everyone assumes the word hygiene simply means ‘being clean,’ or something similar. Whenever I speak of it, I mean it as the definition above – the science and common sense of creating and maintaining good health.

The Essence of Natural Hygiene is this:
1) Nature Works. Always has… Always will.
2) Nature continues to work right now, in you, through you, and all around you.
3) You are an exquisite creation of Nature.
4) You are in Nature.
5) You are part of Nature.
6) You are made of Nature.
7) Every atom, element, molecule, cell, organ and system in your body comes from Nature.
8) Every atom, element, molecule, cell, organ and system in your body will return to Nature.
9) There is absolutely no separation whatsoever between you and Nature.
10) Your life absolutely depends 100% on Nature.
11) Nature is your ultimate mentor, coach, teacher, foundation, inspiration and source of creativity.
12) Observe Nature. Study Nature. Learn Nature’s Laws. Put your knowledge into action in your life.
13) Realize, i the profoundest sense, that you are Nature. You are an integral part of all life on Earth.
14) You are 100% created from Nature, 100% dependent upon Nature, 100% bound by Nature’s Laws, and 100% capable of experiencing the awesome joy, bliss and clarity of living a life in harmony with Nature… if you know how.

1) Nature Works. Nature has worked beautifully to create life, support life and evolve life, 24/7, for hundreds of millions of years. Can you begin to comprehend how much on-the-job experience that is? Can you comprehend how much experimenting, tinkering, refining and optimizing Nature has done? Can you begin to fathom the millions of levels of life-driven interactions that are occurring right now in a forest, in the ocean, in the jungle, in the desert? Imagine the incredible complexity, degree of cooperation and sheer beauty built into an amoeba, in a fruit tree, inside your own body?
Please take a few moments, right now, to stop and imagine what is actually going on inside you.
Life, created, driven and managed by Infinite Consciousness is pumping and pulsing and coursing through you. Tens of trillions of cells, each its own little living world, are all functioning, interacting, cooperating and creating with each other. All working together, every moment, so that you can exist, function, interact, cooperate, imagine and create… together with all the other miraculous creations of Nature all around you. It is an incredible, amazing and stunningly beautiful Play happening all around us, and we are all a part of it!

Infinite Consciousness runs it all.

Never underestimate the power, intelligence, wisdom and regenerative ability of Nature, Natural Laws and Natural Processes.

Nature works.

If you want to achieve the maximum harmonious expression of all your innate potential… in other words, if you want to be as healthy and happy as you can possibly be… then you quickly realize that the ONLY way to do this is to learn how to cooperate and harmonize with Nature. Learn the basics of how Nature works, and what She requires of you to be healthy and happy. Then you can join in the party and have fun.

Note that this is very easy to do. Every other living being on planet Earth knows how to do it. You were born with the essential tools to make it happen. And you should have learned the skills of providing for yourself and how to apply them as you grew up into adulthood.

But, you probably did not learn these skills.

Why not? How can it be that you haven’t already learned the basics of how to be healthy and happy? Shouldn’t this be, like, automatic? How can it be that the so-called smartest species on Earth does not know how to be healthy and happy every day? Indeed, how is it that our big-brained, clever species has made such a monumental mess of things, bringing us close to the point of our own permanent extinction… and possibly the extinction of most of life on Earth?

It is because we think we are separate from and superior to Nature. Like a young rebellious teenager, we believe we know better than She does about how to live and how to thrive in the world. We have talked ourselves out of humility, love and gratitude, replacing them with prideful self-importance, callousness and ignorance. We no longer believe Nature Works. We seek to replace her with our own inventions, our own systems, our own laws. Yet, it is obvious that we are merely one small part of Nature. We cannot possibly know better than She about how it all works in totality; much less how to create anything ‘better.’

The systems created by human beings do not work in the long run, and never have. Everything we create crashes and burns, precisely because human-created systems do not spring from the vast intelligence, experience and wisdom of Nature. We humans do not and cannot take into account all the millions of variables that are at work interacting within and without the Gaia system, at every possible scale.

Nature, however, does take all of this into account – all day, every day, without fail, without problem, and without oversight.

The way out of disease, despair and depression, for you the individual and for humanity as a whole, is to find out what actually works. So of course I will say it again…

Nature Works.

It all works together as One Majestic Movement of Life. Natural Hygiene is the study of all the conditions which make life possible. Because present-day thinking about personal health care is increasingly losing touch with the primacy of conditions which make life possible, Natural Hygiene brings us “back to the garden,” so to speak.


Let me briefly tell you my story.

In my early 20s, due to a chronic, nagging sinusitis problem, I started seeking for answers. I entered through the door of the medical world. I looked around a bit, talked to some ‘experts,’ and was quickly disillusioned. The pomp, ceremony and stage settings in these doctor’s offices was anything but comforting and inviting. I saw that their idea of ‘health care’ was merely focused on drugs, tests, more drugs, more tests and then more drugs. And should the drugs I was swallowing no longer work to cover up my problem, then surgery would be my last resort. ‘Health’ was not to be found here, I realized. It was not even on the menu. I shook hands, bid farewell and walked out that door.

Then I went over to the alternative medicine door, knocked and walked in. Inside it looked like some sort of Health Expo, with hundreds of different practitioners selling their wares. I was dazzled… then baffled. All I wanted was a simple answer for my sinusitis problem. As I looked around at all of these wild alternative options that were on display, I noted that nearly all of them were completely different approaches to the same disease problem.

“How could that be?” I asked myself. “How can there be hundreds of different approaches, and hundreds of different ‘cures’ for sinusitis?” Though each type of therapy seemed to make some sense within its own framework, once I stepped back and looked at all of them as a whole, I realized there was no rhyme or reason to the alternative medicine world at all. Whereas conventional medicine pretends to believe that everything they do rests on the alter of Science, alternative medicine was operating at a whole different level. It was a hodgepodge of eclectic approaches, radically different philosophies, crazy therapies. How could anyone possibly know which one actually works? Which one is correct? Which one would be right for me? I couldn’t tell.

Nevertheless, at that time, I didn’t know of any other direction to turn. So I started sampling one alt therapy after another. Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, on and on.  Some worked… sometimes… but never lasted. Others… nothing. Still others felt more like entering a cult than a receiving a healing therapy. All of it was getting more and more ridiculous and bizarre.

Right about then, when my patience was wearing very thin, a friend at work flipped a small paperback book onto my desk, saying, “Here you go Robert. I know you’re into all that natural health stuff… maybe you’ll like this book.”

The book was entitled Program for Dynamic Health, and on the back cover were a couple of photos of the stocky author, T.C. Fry, doing muscleman poses in what looked like a 1940s bathing suit. I chuckled to myself as I thought, “This guy’s got cajones. Let me see what he’s has to say.”

As I flipped through the book, scanning bits and pieces of it, something drew me in. I read chapters more closely, and quickly made my way through the whole book. I must have been ready for it, because the message of the book metaphorically hit me like a 2×4 across my forehead, “This is it! This is what I have been looking for. This makes perfect sense. No weird therapies, no strange philosophy, no bizarre practices, no BS. It’s simply Nature’s Way, loud and clear. Yes!”

I was hooked.

My eyes were opened to all manner of new information, my mind exposed to piercing logic and practical sense. I instantly realized new ways to recover my health and improve it dramatically; new ways to help and teach others to turn their lives around for the better; new understandings of how our world operates – for better and for worse; and a new and wonderful respect for the infinite power and wisdom of nature that operates within and around all life on the Earth. It was a heck of a revelation for me… right on time.

I was completely overwhelmed. In awe. And completely thrilled, for I had the distinct intuitive feeling that I was now much closer to the truth of health and happiness. It all felt right. Continued study and direct application of Natural Hygiene (NH) proved itself over and over again in my life. With a drastic change of lifestyle and diet, I was on my way. Soon came another bout of severe sinusitis. When ill, NH instructs to stop everything, no eating, and let your body devote all it’s energy toward quickly correcting the problem. I immediately began a 4-day water fast, my sinusitis problems disappeared permanently, along with other nagging issues. Energy, power, vitality and clarity of mind arose within me, and prevailed.

Over many years I dug deeper into NH, which got me very interested in anatomy, physiology, biology, pathology. Also I found myself interested in human biomechanics, exercise, movement and bodywork techniques, all seen and interpreted through NH eyes. Several years of this finally drove me to quit my technical career, and I decided to go back to school to finish a pre-med degree, followed by entering graduate school and completing a doctorate in chiropractic. I put myself through all of this in order to do NH work professionally.

That little $1 paperback book completely changed my life!

I love it when that happens.

Since then I have been involved in a number of NH and natural health-related endeavors, and I quickly came to focus and specialize in water fasting supervision for my patients. My involvement in professional fasting supervision commenced around 1994, and I have been doing that on and off ever since. As well, I edited and revised a NH home study course that T.C. Fry offered many years ago, and a newer version is soon to be available online.

If you are a newcomer to Natural Hygiene, the revelations may at first seem quite astounding, even unbelievable. This information will likely be very different from what you have been taught about health, disease and Nature’s Laws throughout your life. You will read about very new ideas, encounter challenging concepts that force you to more deeply examine many conventional ‘facts’ that you assume to be true… if you can retain an open mind. For me, I had a huge amount of ‘unlearning’ to do before these simple but profound concepts could enter my brain and make themselves at home. With time and practice, the principles of Natural Hygiene became clear and unassailable in my mind.

The facts that you will learn, the thinking skills that you will gain, the inner guidance that you will wisely follow… you will see that it is all so utterly simple and liberating.

Truth is like that.

Truth is always universal, and belongs to everyone. It is not the exclusive property of any authority, professional or group. Seeking truth is my cause for being, and NH has fulfilled that perfectly in the realm of personal health care. I am certain it will have a big impact on you, too.

Study of Natural Hygiene requires that you rely on our own thinking, not that of professionals. This is the right road to true education. If you think independently and control your own thinking, you can arouse your inner powers to create an expanding, healthier and happier existence. I guarantee it.


Putting It All Together

Life as we know it is possible because certain favorable conditions are and were present. Life inherently possesses considerable strength and flexibility; yet life will only exist within fairly narrow range of conditions – air, water, temperature, food, etc.

Nature Works.

Life and Nature has been in operation for an incomprehensibly long time on our planet. The evolutionary process has encompassed billions of years X quadrillions of experiments with new ideas, new designs and new approaches in its ongoing expression in Life. What we see all around us in the natural world is that Nature works. Always Has… Always Will.

Drill this truth into your mind over and over again. If Nature and Her Operations were fundamentally flawed, life on Earth would have disappeared long ago, if it ever got started at all. Every living thing on Earth has the Laws of Nature – Natural Law – built into is being. All life innately and instinctively respects and follows Natural Law throughout its life. As human beings, we are blessed with the cognitive ability to observe, self-reflect and learn about all the organic, natural processes around us and within us.

Most people have never learned the essentials of life – how it operates, what are its needs, how to meet those needs appropriately. Most have lost touch with this essential health knowledge, and have become apathetic to the conditions which make life possible. In your quest for superior health and well-being, you will encounter all sorts of health advice from all sorts of people. If you do not know the essentials of life and human health, you will have no way to judge whether their advice makes sense, or not.

Natural Hygiene is the study of all these conditions which make life possible. Further, Natural Hygiene always beckons us to self-reflect on our own practice of consciously and actively harmonizing our lives to Nature’s Laws.

Each of our basic needs for excellent health can be met in an optimal fashion. The flexibility and resiliency built into Life allows for some degree of sub-optimal conditions to be tolerated. Nevertheless, it is always in our best interest to know what is optimal. This knowledge gives you a very solid foundation to work from. As well, it gives you a far greater power of discernment. You can easily see false or incomplete health advice wherever it is promoted.

We can strive to meet life’s requirements, and to smoothly balance them in all aspects so that we can easily lead a joyous and fulfilling existence.

If you want to commit yourself to learning Natural Hygiene and applying it to your life, the Essential Natural Hygiene Course is ready for you.

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