~ The Awakening Process ~

The Awakening/Enlightening Process: What Are We Talking About?

As I mentioned in the opening page of this section, awakenings are shifts of perception and perspective that occur in our conscious awareness. When these shifts are small, we may consider it a brief flash of insight, or simply the process of apprehending and learning something new.

Also I talked about the magnificent (but temporary) awakenings that are considered spiritual awakenings, because the effect is grand, very intense and your awareness is instantly transported to a completely new and amazing reality. The mind-blowing experience throws your perception, your senses and your overall perspective into an utterly different dimension. Magnificent, grand spiritual awakening experiences are literally stunning. Your common daily reality is stunned into silence. Perception takes a leap into pure awe.

Both small awakenings and grand spiritual awakenings can happen to anyone, at any time. Both are short-lived, one-off experiences that are amazing and yet deeply mysterious at the same time. Perhaps they help to prime your body and mind for future enlightening experiences.

Kundalini Awakening Process

Very different from either of these is the Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP). The KAP is an unexpected initiation into an amazing journey that will change your life forever. A unique series of ongoing internal purification and reorganization events is initiated within you. Its goal is to much more fully awaken you to your spark of divinity within. Everyone alive has the quiescent kundalini power awaiting awakening within them. I do not hesitate to say that your Kundalini power is your final liberator; and collectively, Kundalini awakening is the next evolutionary leap for humankind.

What makes the KAP unique among awakenings is that it is continuous; it doesn’t stop. There are periods of great intensity and periods of relative calm… but you are always aware that the next profound obstructing issue deep inside you could begin to well up at any moment.

I address more about Kundalini on another page on this website.

What is the purpose of Kundalini awakens inside me?

Commonly called a Kundalini awakening, the Kundalini Awakening Process is an extended, engaged period of time where your Kundalini life force energy is greatly amplified, and is working on several major tasks at the same time:

1) Self-examination, self-questioning, exposure and elimination of limiting false beliefs, limiting ways of perceiving, faulty assumptions and biased thinking patterns. Oftentimes all of this is accompanied by an overwhelming sense of doubt and insecurity about everything you previously believed and considered to be true, about yourself, about others and about life. All of what you previously felt certain is now thrown up in the air and scattered to the wind. It is a time of unnerving psychological instability within, and a loss of footing and confidence in your day-to-day world.

2) A cleansing, recalibration and optimizing of many physical systems in your body. As increased Kundalini energy travels throughout your subtle energy circuitry, it is examining, repairing, restructuring and purifying both the subtle and gross level systems within you simultaneously. Countless cells, tissues, organs and systems are primed, retuned and stabilized. Especially attended to and enhanced are your nervous and endocrine (hormonal) systems. These are the systems most needing upgrade and refinement in order to hold and conduct the higher level energies of consciousness that your mind and body will work with daily after the Awakening Process is complete.

3) Emotional attachments, biases, blockages, traumas and karmic tendencies spontaneously arise to be re-experienced, seen for what they are in the light of a much higher and dispassionate point of view, and then discharged. Previously stuck emotional energy is liberated, and it instantly runs through your body and completes its originally intended course. Memories remain as factual records of events from your life, but having been discharged of their attached emotional energies, they now feel to be neutral, dry, inert data. There is a new and unmistakable feeling of lightness and clarity as these blocked energies are discharged, freed up and eliminated.

4) Strong intuitive demands arise from within as the ongoing Kundalini Awakening Process makes you consciously aware of what it needs as it continues its work. You may find yourself eating many new and strange foods while eliminating other common foods from your diet. You may feel a desire to abstain from foods altogether (fasting). You may begin a new exercise regimen that is much more aligned with the needs of the powerful energy coursing through your body. Sexual desire will run the gamut from complete abstinence to expression in ways new to you. Sleep patterns change, disregarding what your conscious mind thinks you need. Dreams become an important reflection of your awakening process. You will seek out much more seclusion and quiet time in Nature. Hobbies and other interests may change or disappear. Habits, even addictions may disappear permanently. Truly, anything goes when intensified and accelerated Kundalini is at work. It is a hugely transformative energy, removing everything that would hinder the coming expression of your natural state.

5) As Kundalini continues its intricate work throughout your body and mind, hundreds of new insights about life and spiritual matters arise within your consciousness. Many mystical experiences come and go, and even the spontaneous emergence of siddhis (psychic powers and extra-sensory perception) come and may go in tandem with release of false beliefs and the discharge of the associated emotional energies from them. Profound knowledge and deep wisdom awaken within you as the pieces come together, transcending all your spiritual questions.

As you can see, the Kundalini Awakening Process is a completely different experience than the wonderful, though short-lived mini-awakening experiences you may have had in the past.

To Summarize:

– Small shifts of perception and perspective are small awakenings, brief but powerful insights, wonderful learning experiences.
– Large shifts of perception and perspective are grand spiritual awakenings, temporary experiences of a magnificent reality that is far beyond any semblance of your day-to-day reality.
– Dramatic, huge and permanent shifts of perception and perspective are the result of an extended period of self-questioning, self-detoxification of limited and false beliefs, and eventual self-realization of who and what you really are. This is the Kundalini-driven and guided Awakening Process.

How Long Does It Take?

Your KAP will require months or years, maybe even a couple of lifetimes to finish its work. Your KAP may run through you intensely, steadily and fairly quickly, perhaps completing its work in one to several years. Mine did. Or, the Process may carry on relatively gently and slowly within you, ebbing and flowing in an unpredictable pattern over many years.

The KAP is not necessarily intense and brutal for everyone, but for most, it is. In all cases it is absolutely true that anyone who is selected to go through the KAP is someone who still has plenty of egoic junk inside that must be metabolized, detoxified and eliminated before enlightened awareness (the natural state) becomes permanent.

Of course, everyone has loads of egoic junk inside themselves – beliefs, assumptions, opinions, fragmented knowledge, plenty of incomplete facts and outright lies, and at best only a slight idea of who and what they really are. Everyone also has cognitive biases, skewed perception, physical, mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Everyone carries this load of crap throughout their lives, adding to it as they go. If internal conflict between all these beliefs gets too severe, there will be attempts to tweak it and slightly improve ones identity – self-help books, psychological counseling, mind-altering drugs, new relationships, new careers, all sorts of distractions. Everyone is trying to find happiness and peace of mind, in every way imaginable. Few succeed, and even then it will not last.

If your KAP springs into action, that is the time for you to take on your ego junk, deal with it, and get rid of it. The process of coming face-to-face with all the crap inside you, and permanently neutralizing and discarding it, is no picnic. It is very serious business, and will be incredibly intense and difficult for almost everyone. I consider it the most difficult thing any human being can go through. No one is Awakened or Enlightened until the junk inside is dealt with and eliminated – to completion. No exceptions.

When it is time for you to do this, no matter what it takes, then your KAP may begin. As it does its work inside you, all sorts of things may partially or completely disappear from your life: your friends, your marriage, your career, your money, your health. In other words, all your attachments, everything you believe is important to you.

Remember, your beliefs are your identity, and your identity is your most precious possession. Everything in your life revolves around your identity, so everything that helps to define, support and maintain this oh-so-carefully constructed belief structure (BS) will have to go… if you are to wake up.

In my case, the KAP was initiated and ran its course over 4 years. At all times the Process was governed by the supremely intelligent Kundalini power within me. My Kundalini Life Force was turned up to high volume and remained hyperactive throughout my Process. It was relentless.

Why Kundalini?

Some who go through the Awakening Process may say that Kundalini had nothing to do with it. I respectfully disagree. As I have seen it, experienced it and understand it, Kundalini not only has something to do with it, it has everything to do with it.

At one point fairly early in my 4-year journey, I had a very strong desire to know what was going on inside me, why it was happening, and what part the KAP played in the Bigger Picture of my evolution, my soul’s evolution.

I was given a vision of the purpose of this Process and how it fit into the grander scheme of things. I realized that Kundalini is simply the term used to describe the fundamental and intelligent Conscious Life Force that is alive and active in everyone; in every living thing. Kundalini is the Life Force that creates you, sustains you, and departs from your body when you die. Along with animating you in every lifetime, your intelligent Kundalini Life Force creates your ego self-identity, directs you in its maturation, and skillfully uses it to set up situations in life that best support learning the lessons you need to learn. With countless lifetimes, as enough lessons are learned, and as enough wisdom is gained, the KAP is automatically initiated and it disassembles egoic structures. For the grand finale, your KAP eliminates the foundational circuitry that supports ego itself.

Why Ego?

Essentially, ego self-identity exists in order to allow your soul to accumulate countless experiences over time and give subjective meaning to them. Ego self-identity provides a mechanism to incorporate those experiences within you, attached with a strong sense of importance. This strong sense of importance that you give to your experiences forms, re-forms and continually reinforces your ego self-identity structure.

In a sense, your ego self-identity acts like training wheels on a bicycle, helping maintain upright steadiness as you learn to pedal, steer and maintain balance on the bicycle. Training wheels give you a temporary sense of stability.

Same thing with your ego self-identity. It gives you an apparent sense of stability, importance and purpose in your life. As experiences accumulate, you begin to see larger patterns and processes at work that influence how and why your unique experiences happen and how you interpret them. You also begin to extract the deeper essence from your experiences, slowly building wisdom and understanding. When sufficient wisdom and understanding is achieved such that the training wheels are no longer necessary, Kundalini will arise again in a dominant fashion as it proceeds to unwind and disassemble your ego self-identity down to its clean foundation. The training wheels are gone. Ego is no longer necessary.


Kundalini Life Force created and built me, a full-grown adult human being, from a tiny microscopic one-celled fertilized egg in my mother’s womb. The same Kundalini Life Force is the conscious power that sustains me every day as a self-aware individual for as long as I am alive in my human body. In every past lifetime, the same Kundalini Life Force created an ego self-identity, which provided the insatiable desire for more and more interesting experiences. Every experience helped to form and shape every new reincarnated version of me, acquiring, releasing and reacquiring countless new beliefs, points of view, opinions, assumptions and self-identities.

As all this soulful experience continued to accumulate, eventually sufficient ‘soul wisdom’ had been acquired, and a tipping point was reached. In this lifetime, unbeknownst to me, my cup was now full, and apparently I was ‘ready.’

Kundalini Life Force burst out of its restricted ‘barely on’ mode and amplified itself to a far greater intensity than normal. During the 4-year period of amplified and accelerated Kundalini power coursing through me, it very carefully reawakened, examined, dissected, disassembled and dissolved away all the ego self-identity imprints, blocks, conflicts and constrictions that I had accumulated and carried with me throughout my soul’s journey over many lifetimes.

Kundalini Intelligence (i.e. Consciousness itself) did it all, every step of the way, in every lifetime. With every waking moment that you exist in this dimension, you are aware, perceiving, thinking and acting through the use of your Conscious Life Force, your Kundalini. The ego self-identity disguise that Kundalini built every lifetime was the illusory construct necessary to ‘keep me interested and occupied’ as soul wisdom accrued. Only after the KAP was complete could I see this clearly. Only after reaching the other side can one look back and see, in context, all that has occurred.

With the intense and challenging spiritual ‘detoxification’ that is occurring, it is your Kundalini that is doing the work inside, at a much stronger level than normal waking life. Because Kundalini is clearly and strongly apparent during these times of intense spiritual purification within, it is often spoken of as having been ‘awakened and active’ during these stages of growth, and ‘dormant’ when it is not.

But in fact, Kundalini is never dormant. Kundalini is always active inside you; it is simply a matter of degree. For regular daily life Kundalini is active to only a small degree. It is like a water valve that is only opened very slightly, just a trickle. Kundalini life force is turned on just enough to power your everyday normal activities. You get used to this typical level of daily awareness, intellectual ability, creative and imaginative ability, physical energy level and overall state of mind. This becomes the self-perceived subjective state you call ‘normal.’

Now and then, when ordinary life presents you with extraordinary events – severe emotional shocks, physical traumas, mental breakdowns, spiritual crises – your Kundalini rises to a somewhat greater energy level (the valve is opened a bit more) so that you can handle and deal with these severe challenges. Then, once the challenge is resolved and integrated, Kundalini life force settles back down again to ‘normal’ levels.

Once my KAP awakened to full power, it clearly, explicitly and absolutely took charge of the whole Process. It ran the show. It was the boss. It had specific intentions, and it continued its work until it was satisfied that all had been completed. ‘I’ came along for the ride… and hung on for dear life… until my sense of ‘I’ (self-identity) itself eventually crashed and permanently disappeared.

Essentially it is this: In terms of spiritual enlightenment and the natural state of ease and clarity it provides, ego self-identity is the cause of the illusion that blocks your way. Your ego, your self-identity is sustained and strengthened by every experience you have. Your basic sense of self-identity that you wholeheartedly believe you are is the subjective entity that seems and feels to be having all these worldly experiences. IOW, your sense of ego self-identity ‘grabs’ every experience you have and uses the content of that experience to further add to its apparent sense of self-identity and stability. Your self-identity is constantly building and rebuilding itself every moment of your life.

How to remove ego self-identity? Ego cannot get rid of ego; like saying your nose can remove your nose. Your intellect cannot get rid of ego; ego long ago co-opted your intellect. Your heart cannot eliminate ego; it too has been co-opted. Only the Supremely Intelligent Life Force that created you and created your ego self-identity – Kundalini – can do this job. Your Kundalini life force created your ego for purposes you do not yet understand. Your Kundalini life force will carefully and surgically remove your ego, when the time is right. And not before.

[As you have read and studied the previous dozen or so paragraphs, understand that I have often repeated myself, saying the same things in different ways, when explaining these concepts. In the West, Kundalini – what it is and what it does – is hugely misunderstood, if it is known about at all. I use repetition so that a sense of clarity can prevail. I address more issues about Kundalini on another page in this section of the website.]

What triggers the Kundalini Awakening Process?

I don’t know. No one knows what triggers the initiation of the KAP. It begins when your body and mind are ready for it. It kicks in and runs its full course within you when the time is right to permanently remove all the obstacles within you that keep you from knowing and living the magnificent and far greater reality of your natural state all the time.

It appears that the KAP can be initiated by shaktipat from a guru, from intense yoga practice, from bizarre and intense breathing techniques, and other methods, even from accidental physical injury to the base of the spine. In most of these cases the awakened Kundalini energy may continue its activity for a while, but then it usually diminishes back down to normal energy levels. It is not self-sustaining because it was ‘artificially’ awakened, and the recipient was not fully ready for it. IOW, it has not arisen naturally.

The Dirty Work

When you are ready, you will not know you are ready. It’s a paradoxical thing. You will simply be carrying on with your life, perhaps deeply involved with your spiritual practices, perhaps hardly involved in spiritual pursuits at all. What often happens is that a major event occurs in your life that ‘opens the door’ for you. This event can indeed be major: a dramatic spiritual awakening experience (an Opening Up) that lights the fire inside you. Or it can be a dramatic loss (a Closing Down) in your life – a drastic loss of career, health, wealth, relationship. Or maybe it is something that seems minor: someone poses a certain question to you that somehow clicks in your mind and triggers a cascade of more destabilizing questions. Truly, anything can catalyze your KAP. You can never know ahead of time what it may be.

So you see, while a grand Opening Up into a temporary awakening experience of cosmic consciousness, an experience of Oneness with the Universe and its Creator is awesome beyond comprehension, ultimately it does not do any of the heavy lifting inside you. A glimpse of cosmic consciousness is a burst of awe, inspiration and motivation. The real work is you getting on with removing the obstacles that firmly block you from experiencing Oneness all the time.

And with a (temporary but) severe Closing Down experience of serious travail and desperation in your life, you know that something inside must change in a big way if you are going to get out of the grip of your stark depression. This backed-into-a-corner challenge, this kind of intense upheaval in your life – a death, a career loss, a wealth loss – and its eventual resolution… these are also usually one-off challenges in most people’s lives. There is usually little if any permanent shift of consciousness into a higher awareness. Most people just fall back into their old routines, glad to have made it out of their funk.

The real work of making big changes in your life is often extremely difficult. No one wants to do the dirty work. You have to be forced to do it. That’s why the Universe creates intractable situations for you. The Universe knows you are ready for it. Only when you are backed into the corner with no clear options… then and only then are you forced to take yourself on and move yourself forward…. because you have to. You have no other choice. And having no other choice is often the only thing that forces us to change.

But sometimes good fortune comes our way. Sometimes these major experiences of opening up or closing down can trigger serious and profound shifts. Something big begins stirring inside…

These stirrings can often lead to seismic shifts and intense earthquakes inside your psyche. They trigger deep questioning about your life – your purpose, your direction, what you have been doing and what’s got to change. You see what really matters, and what no longer does. Your spirit of transformation is stirring from its slumber. The path in front of you is taking shape… but you probably cannot see it clearly yet.

Your path into the fantastical world of spirituality can move in a variety of different directions. You can easily get lost in it. Many years, even many lifetimes can be spent searching for answers. Seeking knowledge from books and media. Seeking answers from gurus and experts. Seeking special rituals and practices from adepts. Seeking wild experiences from energy manipulators, tantric masters and psychedelic drugs.

Great effort may be directed towards trying to heal yourself from psychological wounds, traumas, aberrations and illnesses. Many struggles, doubts and follow-up therapeutic sessions trying to pinpoint the source of childhood damage done to you by your parents, your siblings, your friends. Your suffering drives you further and further down endless dark alleyways of desperation.

Now and then you may remember what it was that you were seeking in the first place: the feelings and the insights that came with those wonderful mystical, transcendental experience(s) you originally had. The feeling of unconditional love; the undeniable sense of being home; the insights into what life is all about and the amazingly deep connection you had with all that is. These are what you were originally looking for.

The unnoticed problem is that you have spent nearly all of your time seeking for answers ‘out there’ from others instead of ‘in here’ from your own Source. The dazzle of the spiritual circus and all its attractions grabbed you, hypnotized you, and pulled you into their rabbit holes. Losing yourself to their spiritual promises of bliss, you no longer notice that you have lost your own self intuition.

Look Inward

Eventually your outward seeking collapses in on itself, resulting in profound despondency, alienation and frustration with all this spiritual seeking business. If the stars line up and the time is right, you make a hard U-turn and now focus all of your attention inward. A real awakening is about to begin.

The key turning point is this: One day you will notice that with all your intense effort directed at fixing the suffering in your ‘self,’ you never stopped to ask what your ‘self’ actually is. You’ve always assumed that your sense of self was solid, valid, real and necessary. You’ve always taken it for granted. You’ve assumed that your sense of self is fundamentally OK, but maybe it got broken somehow and needs fixing. Or it just needs a little tweaking, and a tune up. Or perhaps some serious rehab in extreme cases.

Somehow a crack appears in all these unquestioned assumptions about your ‘self’. That crack grows. It makes its way into the previously continuous sense of self that has accompanied you your whole life. Your internal sense of continuity is now fracturing, breaking up. You suddenly wonder, “What is going on here? What is this ‘self’ that is suffering? What is this ‘self’ made of? Did I create this self or was it always already there? Is there a true, shining healthy self beneath all these layers of my suffering self?”

You begin to realize that this thing you call your ‘self’ is not really so solid, permanent and reliable as you always thought it was. You begin to see that your so-called self is really nothing more than the sum total of all your experiences, beliefs, assumptions, opinions and excuses. It’s a self-manufactured ‘self’, a kluged-together conglomeration made of billions of bits of mental-emotional fluff. A serious crack has now appeared in this armored ‘self’ of yours and it is freaking you out.


Cascades of doubt wash over you. You can no longer trust or believe anything that you used to believe. You feel like you are drowning. Severe anxiety arises as the outer layer of ‘self’ that was previously so solid, stable and carefully being ‘improved’ is cracking and crumbling within you.

You try to deal with this bizarre state of affairs. You deny that it is happening, pretending that it is just some momentary glitch. You forcefully reassert your old, familiar sense of ‘me’ as you try to pull yourself together. You distract your attention away from the anxiety by latching onto something else, or someone else. You do whatever you can to try to regain stability.

Eventually psychic exhaustion overtakes you and you rest and sleep. Hours later you wake up and nothing is the same. Your sense of who and what you are has been knocked sideways. Your old sense of normal cannot be found. Your mind races as it tries to understand what is happening. You feel a sense of desperation as you try to get the ‘old you’ back.

But none of it works, or works for long. This crack is growing. Your sense of self is perilously on edge. Wide-eyed and in shock, you try to weather the storm. No matter what course of action seems promising, all attempts at regaining your old sense of self fail. You simply have to deal with it.

Your Enlightening/Awakening Process Has Begun

While this tumultuous breakdown is harrowing and literally mind-blowing, this is only the first big step of your full Awakening process. The complete path to your Awakened/Enlightened Natural State requires many hundreds of these belief-busting and self-busting breakthroughs. Some will be relatively mild and tolerable. Others will be earth-shattering and completely out of your control. Belief after belief, illusion after illusion, BS assumption after BS opinion is progressively examined, rejected and purged from the tangled mess of your ego-self. The vast majority of your precious beliefs are trashed. A few may be allowed to hang around for awhile, if they happen to be temporarily useful to the larger Process in some way. But eventually, they too will go. It all must go.

The KAP strips away everything. It depersonalizes you from your previous self as it rewires your perception circuits. It depersonalizes you from your suffering, which stems from your sense of being a separate self. All your beliefs, assumptions, points-of-view and opinions that have built your ego-self over many years are progressively re-experienced, examined, detoxified, eliminated.

Psychological aberrations – anxiety, worry, regret, self-blame, shame, manic states, depressive states, quiet desperation and more – are also detoxed and discarded. They too are built on beliefs, assumptions and points-of-view that have been attached to your sense of a separate ego-self. As your ego-self disappears, bit by bit, so goes everything else that was attached to it.

From the egoic point of view of your ‘old self’, this Enlightening Process process is the most serious and dangerous experience imaginable. So, as the KAP continues, at times you will find yourself terrified, fearful, desperate. It is a death process – your ego death. You’ll pass through all the stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages will run though you time after time. They will shift and change, taking on different shades, flavors, characteristics.

Your ego will fight back, tooth and claw. You’ll find yourself fighting inner demons, over and over again. You will feel weak, exhausted, think it impossible to keep going. Somehow you will find the courage, find the strength to take it on once again. In an amazing and paradoxical way, your strength and courage to move forward takes you to a place of full surrender. Every time. With surrender comes breakthrough. What you are surrendering to is what you are becoming.

This Grand Kundalini Awakening Process is a precise and masterful surgery taking place within you. It is a completely organic and natural process. You are being rewired, recalibrated and renewed. With the dis-integration and elimination of each false belief, wrong assumption and cherished opinion, you are getting more real with yourself, more honest with yourself, about yourself. You see and feel your life, your whole being is changing, bit by bit, forever. Bridges are burned. Maps shredded. Compasses tossed. There is no going back.

Essentially it is this: You cannot see, feel or think clearly if obstacles are in your way. Your ego-self-identity is your huge set of unique, custom-tailored obstacles. With all of this in the way, authenticity is impossible, intuition is tainted and doubt rules the day. All that is fake and unnatural within you must be seen and removed in order for you to see clearly, feel expansively and know who and what you really are.

In my experience, and having worked with a number of individuals, the KAP arises and continues to work most thoroughly and naturally when it awakens spontaneously, especially in conjunction with devoted spiritual attitude. If you are working closely with someone who has been down the KAP road and can assist you, your own KAP can proceed powerfully and beautifully.

What is Spiritual Seeking, is it necessary, and What Does It Achieve?

Spiritual seeking is the journey you take to find out (you hope) who you really are, why you are here, what is the purpose of your life, what was that magnificent transcendent spiritual awakening experience you had all about, and how can you get it back?!

The fact that you are getting interested in spiritual matters is a good sign that your ‘soul’s cup’ is getting close to full. Imagine it like this: You have incarnated countless times with cup in hand, filling that cup drop by drop with all manner of dualistic experiences that the world has to offer. Indeed, the very fact that the world and its attractions solidly holds your interest tells you that your soul needs more of the experiences the world has to offer.

But when your cup is getting pretty close to full, you will find that the world and its attractions are losing their luster. You’ve by and large maxxed yourself out with worldly experiences. Entertaining, parading and distracting yourself in the world and with other people no longer appeals to you very much. The bigger questions of life now grab your interest – why am I here? What’s it all about? What’s my purpose? What’s the point of it all? These questions, the so-called big spiritual questions, begin to take prominence over everything else.

So, you begin seeking for answers…

There are a hundred ways you can plan your spiritual seeking itinerary, or you can just let the wind take you wherever it goes. There are thousands of spiritual gurus to follow, thousands of spiritual techniques to practice, thousands of spiritual books to read. Take your pick.

And now, of course, we’ve got the internet. So there are thousands upon thousands more books, teachers and techniques available, plus virtually unlimited videos, audios, interviews and chat sessions.

Don’t forget to include all the must-have exciting spiritual paraphernalia: special clothes, wardrobe accessories, statues, paintings and drawings of revered masters, saints and holy ones, crystal stones, prayer beads, chimes, yoga cushions, singing bowls, shamanic drums, energy necklaces, bracelets, meditation music… I could go on.

How can you know which book, trinket, outfit, technique and path is right for you?

Good luck!

You’re gonna need it.

The seeker’s journey, though, is a necessary stage in the overall Process for nearly everyone who has arrived at this point. The seeker has a whole new world to explore: Loads of exciting new things to learn, wild new experiences to be had, amazing new places to see and fascinating new people to meet. It’s a heck of a lot of fun!… as long as you don’t get too serious about it, or start pointedly asking yourself if you are making any real progress. One day you start to wonder… “I’m really working hard at my spiritual practice, but am I making any actual progress? How would I even know if I am making progress? How do I measure my progress? What exactly is ‘spiritual progress’, anyway?”

I’m joking, of course. You most certainly will get to the point, eventually, of getting very serious about your seeking, and ruthlessly interrogating yourself about what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you think you are going to get out of it. When that day comes, it is a very sobering day.

Once you let these serious questions in, they begin to eat you alive. They consume you. That’s when you know you are truly seeking, and truly getting real about this whole spirituality business.

Is Seeking Required?

Many spiritual teachers either assume or greatly encourage many varieties of seeking practices. And many spiritual traditions are built on specific spiritual practices, and are considered mandatory to make progress on their recommended path. With just a little bit of looking and asking around, you can find people who have been diligently persevering with their spiritual practice(s) for decades… with varying degrees of ‘success.’

Now we have some scientific research showing evidence that certain spiritual practices do stimulate specific brain changes, sometimes permanent changes. (Newberg enlightenment book excerpts) Perhaps these changes do lend themselves to a predisposition for future enlightenment. Who knows?

The monkey wrench thrown in is that there seems to be quite a few people waking up into enlightenment who do not do any particular spiritual practices, or at least not much. How is it that they are waking up, when the diligently persevering seekers are not?

Remember, the key to arriving at enlightening awareness, your natural state, is this: all that blocks you from enlightened awareness must be eliminated from inside you. When the blocks are removed, enlightening awareness is what remains. Until they are removed, you are still on the treadmill.

If you were to look closely at the history of those few who claim that they did no serious spiritual practice whatsoever, you will find that every one of them went through some kind of significant internal confrontation and purging of the blocks that stood between them and their natural state. Their confrontations may not have looked like any kind of typical spiritual practice, but it got the job done nevertheless. In fact, I can say that this is truly the only spiritual practice worth its salt: confronting your own blocks and purging them all, which only happens with the assistance of Kundalini, whether ‘Kundalini’ is felt and known or not. All other spiritual practices are preparatory work; warm-ups for the Big Game of the KAP..

Are You Ready Yet?

The KAP will not naturally begin within you until you and your soul are ready for it. If you try to force it and do not succeed, you will only create massive frustration and likely a sense of failure within yourself. If you do succeed in prematurely forcing Kundalini into amplified and accelerated action, you might do serious damage to your body and mind. Very bad idea.

You do not and can not force readiness, because you do not consciously know everything about yourself that is being accounted for that qualifies you as ‘ready’ or not. Readiness is determined by a far greater intelligence and wisdom than you are consciously capable of. The wisdom and intelligence that created you and sustains you is what determines your readiness for the next stage of your conscious evolution.

Instead of trying to force or fake readiness (impossible), or force Kundalini awakening/acceleration (very dangerous), what you can do is learn what the KAP is about, what demands it places on your body and mind, and prepare yourself for it. Learn what happens during the KAP, how it works, how you are affected, which systems of your physical body are impacted and changed, how your mental and emotional functions are impacted and changed. Knowing something about the operating challenges of the Process, you can prepare yourself for what is to come. If you do that, the KAP will be far easier for you to handle.

This is exactly why spiritual masters throughout the ages set up remote places for sincere seekers to go and live while the KAP was active inside them. Monasteries, Temples, Ashrams, Cloisters, Retreats, Sanctuaries. A private place dedicated to awakening; a place for those going through a most formidable transformative Process; a place where others understand what you are going through and know how to help you make it to the finish line.

You may think to yourself, “Suppose I spend my life preparing for awakening, and nothing happens. Is it all a waste of time?”

Absolutely not a waste of time.

In fact, preparation for spiritual awakening, if done intelligently and done well, gives you the tools and power for creating a most excellent life for yourself.

There are many organic and useful techniques that help to prepare you for your Awakening Process:

  • You diligently engage in body mastery regimens to strengthen and fine tune your physical body, and your subtle kinesthetic awareness of how it operates.
  • You engage in meditation and related practices and become far better able to master your mind, know how and why your emotions work, and how to best use them both.
  • You bring your body to a high level of fitness, vigor and vitality.
  • You hone your creative capacity, your imagination, and your intuitive awareness that spurs your creativity.
  • You develop the capacity to focus undivided attention for great lengths of time.
  • You develop your power of visualization that feeds your subconscious.
  • You increase your conceptual abilities and overall intelligence by increasing your ability think logically.
  • You develop your deeper emotional sensitivities, becoming more compassionate, caring, forgiving and more able to appreciate whatever goodness you find in others.

‘Spiritual’ preparation encompasses all of the above; you work on yourself for yourself. You are not doing these things to get enlightened. You are doing them to be the best you can be in mind, body and heart. You demonstrate your high intentions to Divine in a clear, unequivocal manner, every day. None of it goes unnoticed. And regardless of how Divine responds to your intentions, you can be certain that you are shaping yourself into a mean, lean, creatively beautiful machine! You are consciously creating an outstanding life for yourself, every step of the way.

And if the KAP happens for you, that’s icing on the cake and the cherry on top.

When Kundalini ‘Awakens’ and the Awakening Process Begins

Strongly intensified Kundalini activity, being so dramatically and palpably felt in your body and mind when it suddenly ignites, is a momentous occasion. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. It’s ongoing movements inside you, and the work it is doing is truly incomprehensible. You will not really know what is going on, but you will be right there in the thick of things, feeling all the bizarre changes occurring in your body, while your mind wrestles with the seemingly endless presentation of all your self-identified beliefs, attitudes, stuck energies and psychological blocks.

Every issue imaginable comes up from inside you – family issues, friend issues, enemy issues. Money issues, career issues, relationship issues. Your quirky personality traits, your flaky self-esteem and fluctuating sense of self-worth… all of it wells up, one by one and stares you right in the face. All are attachments to your precious self-identity. At first you try to suppress these issues when they come up, but it doesn’t work. Your KAP has no mercy. If the enlightened natural state is what you want, this is what it takes to get it. You may get overwhelmed and think you cannot bear it… it’s too much… yet somehow you hang in there and keep going. You find power and courage you didn’t know you had. Likewise you find surrender, forgiveness and compassion that you didn’t know you had.

It’s an amazing, incomprehensible, mysterious, paradoxical and self-contradictory process going on inside you. And you are not in control of it; it has you. You have no choice but to keep going.

Outside and Inside Spiritual Work

There an interesting aspect of the KAP I have noticed in myself and in others going through the Process. There seems to be, for many people experiencing very active Kundalini, a fairly distinct external or outside-focused stage, followed by an internal or inside-driven stage, as the Process continues its work.

What I mean is this: when it comes to examining and dismantling your ego framework, there is a period of observing, recollecting and dealing with your beliefs, traumas and programming/conditioning that you acquired from the external/outside world and the people in it. Especially from people who have been very close to you – family, intimate relationships, important career acquaintances. These difficult people and traumatic events have strongly impacted your belief system and ego structure.

IOW, during this (usually early) stage of KAP self-examination, there is great emphasis placed on examining how these external factors and other people influenced your current state of being. As your past events are remembered, seen and deconstructed, there may be intense bouts of blame, shame, victimhood or guilt welling up and tossed about as these issues slowly resolve themselves. The egoic point of view while this is happening is this, “I am basically OK, and it is these ‘other people’ who mucked things up for me. Sure, I was there and played a role, but it was primarily the things they said and the things they did that messed me up. It’s their fault.”

This ‘external-oriented’ mode may play out for quite a long time as hundreds or thousands of memories arise around the various issues that have greatly contributed to your sense of ego self-identity. Great insights of understanding eventually appear through the haze as you begin to make sense of the bigger picture of purpose, meaning and karma at work in your past. “A-ha! Now I see why that happened as it did.”

After that stage has largely played itself out, then you start to notice a distinct shift toward internal/inside-oriented questioning and deconstruction. IOW, great emphasis now shifts into examining your own character and personality traits, your own strengths and weaknesses, your own quirks, biases and opinions of yourself that were, shall we say, something less than stellar.

You begin to see the roles you played during these events from your past, instead of focusing on the roles others played. You make fewer observations, assessments and judgments about others – what they did and why – and make far more observations, assessments and judgments about yourself. As memories of past traumatic events reappear, you are now far more able to dispassionately observe yourself in them. You can clearly see, with great humility, how you allowed these people and events to mold and shape your own beliefs – your thoughts, assumptions, opinions, desires and your reactions. You realize that you had not only played along in these events, you gave a large chunk of your own power and integrity away to others. You gave them permission, though you may not have realized it at the time. You allowed yourself to be used, manipulated, taken advantage of. You may not have understood what was happening, but now you can see it. You realize that they did not mold you; you allowed yourself to be molded as you (innocently?) cooperated with them. You now realize you played a large role in molding yourself. You realize there was a lock-and-key styled dance that was in motion. Both you and these others each played a necessary role in manifesting the particular outcome that occurred… an outcome that was necessary for both of you in some soulful way that you never understood until now. Finally you find yourself able to take on full accountability and responsibility for all these past events, because you realize you are the only one who could have permitted these external people and events to influence you as they did.

In street language, I am saying that during the initial ‘outside-oriented’ stage, you see how mucked up the world and its people are, and you focus on how they messed you up. You feel that they caused you all your problems. They are the ones that traumatized you. All these traumas got incorporated into your self-identity. And you had to carry those traumas around for the rest of your life, mucking you up even more.

In the latter ‘inside-oriented’ stage of your KAP, you see how mucked up you are, and how you allowed yourself to get so mucked up. The bottom line is that you now take full and total responsibility for everything that has happened in your life, and you take full responsibility for your current life circumstance and everything that has contributed to it since birth. You, today, are the sum total of all of it, and you now see that ‘owning all of it’ is exactly what is required of you… though you do not (yet) really understand why. I can tell you that until complete and total personal accountability and responsibility is fully seen, understood and owned, for everything that has occurred in your life, there is no possibility of your tough ego shell cracking open and giving way completely. It’s all about you… because you own and control your own mind and body.

There is plenty of overlap as these internal and external-oriented points of view trade places during the KAP, but progressively greater emphasis from outside to inside definitely occurs over time.


Remove the blocks from seeing clearly, and then you can see clearly.

Stated like that it sounds simple, and it is.

Your Natural State is clean, clear, simple, smooth, easy. However, getting there is not easy. At all. For anyone going through the Process, you will find that the seemingly endless excavating, examining and eliminating all the limiting, obstructing and deluded parts of yourself will be excruciating. Everything that makes you ‘you’ must go. With your unique KAP, expertly planned and executed, the old story of “you” is being carefully taken apart, bit by bit, until nothing remains. When all of it is gone, the final result is your true Natural State. During the KAP you will have periods of exhilarating, blissful clarity and joy, followed by another round of grueling self-annihilation. It is a ruthless and relentless process.

The completion of your KAP is when a final immense shift of perception occurs within. The last, flimsy walls within your awareness collapse, fall down, and they never rise again. It is permanent. The old way you used to perceive things, with your internal filters, biases and beliefs in place… the remaining superstructure of all of it suddenly collapses and totally disappears.

Your previous perception of a constant sense of separation – you versus everything and everyone else – is gone. Finally, completely and permanently gone. Now, an inexplicable, unfathomable yet incredibly intimate awareness of Oneness penetrates, permeates and dominates your every moment to moment experience. It is awesome beyond imagining… yet you remain as a unique individual human being in this lifetime on Earth.

No separation, yet every ‘thing’ exists. Not Two; Not One.

Give It Time

When you are ready for it, your KAP will run its full course, perhaps requiring a year or two; or maybe many years. It could take a lifetime or two. Every KAP is unique. After it is complete, you reside in a poised, peaceful state, completely free of the oppressive, judgmental superego. You now live in a state of supreme quiet joy, and you are always aware at every moment of your direct intimate connection to Divine Source.

In your Natural State, in many regards, you regain the wide-eyed, awe-struck innocence of a young child, except now you bring with you all your lifetimes of talents, abilities, knowledge and experience. It is a wonderful and inspiring place to be… and not at all what you might imagine. The only way to know it is to come and see for yourself.

Patterns and Parallels

In many ways the process of moving through many Awakenings into the final and fully Awakened Natural State has many parallels with your own personal process of achieving superb natural health, confident adult maturity, personal sovereignty and individual liberty. During your journey in each of these human realms, deep insights and understandings are gained, while at the same time countless false beliefs, wrong assumptions, and limiting attitudes are eliminated.

For me, discovering truth in the areas of personal health care, and discovering truth in personal liberty and sovereignty seemed to serve as preparation and practice runs for my ultimate awakening into my natural state. All three kind of occurred in an orchestrarted sequence. My progression through each area uncovered whole slews of wrong data, wrong thinking and wrong beliefs I carried around in me.

Focused study and applied action in each of these areas worked synergistically. They all informed and fed into each other, with plenty of overlap. Maybe a similar process will happen for you. Or it could be that only one or two of these areas of human endeavor will dominate your destiny this lifetime. No worries. All are mind-blowing, wonderful experiences; hugely productive for your soul’s progress and your own sense of well-being.


Everything worthwhile in life requires effort and sacrifice. Opportunities present themselves, choices are made, power and courage is summoned and you make your move. You keep your focus. Whether success or failure, you are always experiencing, learning, moving forward.

As I stated on the Home page, Health comes naturally as you eliminate that which is unhealthful. Freedom and Liberty come naturally as you eliminate that which enslaves you. Your clear, natural Enlightened State spontaneously emerges and establishes itself permanently when all that suppresses and obscures it is eliminated. This is why I have constructed and based this website around these three fundamental areas of human life: Health, Liberty, Awakening. The pattern – bring your beliefs into the light, examine them, test them, dissect them and trash those that are false – is the same in all three. The more you get to know how one area really works, the easier it will be to take on the other two.


How The Awakening Process Works

What is it that triggers the movement into a full awakening process?

It is difficult to nail down this sort of thing; it is a very complex subject, and it is never the exact same for anyone. I will give some guidelines that make sense to me.

Opening Up

Big awakenings are usually considered to be ‘spiritual’ experiences, because they are so incredibly profound and reality-busting to your comfy, well-worn daily existence. With an intense spiritual awakening, a completely unexpected new reality overcomes you, opens up to you. It engulfs you. You are instantly transported to a totally different, timeless and wonderful dimension. Colors are bright, sounds are majestic, sensations are intense. Visions and interactions with all manner of beings may occur. Time loses all relevance. There is no ‘time’. All kinds of insights and realizations take root in your mind. You feel more ‘at home’ and ‘in love’ than you have ever felt in your entire life. A massive spiritual awakening like this can literally change everything about your life: its meaning, its purpose, its direction and its destination. You fully realize that there is more… much, much more potential and opportunity available to you than you had ever imagined. You feel that you will never be the same…

However, if your awareness and perception eventually return to normal, then that spiritual experience was just a glimpse, a one-off exciting transcendent event. As magnificent as it may have been, here you are again, back in your old familiar reality. The clock ticks as your memory of the experience fades. It seems that nothing has really changed. But… that momentous event has stretched you, expanded you, teased you with profound insights about who you really are, what is really possible, and perhaps it has lit a spark within you… fired up a burning desire to return Home.

That is one way it might happen: an Opening Up. A massive and spontaneous opening into a wildly expanded reality, full of love, peace, understanding and infinite possibilities. A fire ignites within you to return to it.

Closing Down

Another way it might happen: a Closing Down. Life gets very difficult, possibilities dry up, nowhere to turn, you are backed into a corner with no options. Shock, depression, addiction… an explosion of difficulty drops into your life.

Life presents a stark challenge to one or more of your firmly held beliefs. Maybe your daily life is upended in a dramatic and shocking manner – a death in the family, a serious loss of income, relationship or health. Perhaps the routine, daily grind of life becomes crushing to your spirit, or an addiction causes you to reach a point of desperation. There seems to be no way out. No way to resolve it without moving way outside of your comfort zone. As you try to deal with the challenge, you come to realize that your everyday reality and the beliefs you hold that support it are false, limited, restrictive and no longer useful. You are very stuck and you’ve got no answer. You don’t know what to do.

You experience the (sometimes severe and prolonged) mental and emotional destabilization that comes with this desperate realization. If you believe you are able to handle it by yourself, you stay with it and summon the courage to trust, explore and surrender to what is happening. You work at it, bit by bit. Sometimes you grit your teeth to hold yourself together as you work your way thought it. Other times you you are at a loss for what to do, so you trust and surrender to a higher power to help move you through it. 

If you are not able to handle it by yourself, you go to others for help. They can help support you, help you see what is happening from a different perspective. You have someone to talk to. Someone to have a little fun with to distract you from the intensity of the situation. Taking a break and having some fun is good and necessary.

In either case, eventually you will weather this intense challenge and break through the tight grip of that old limited belief that is causing such desperate conflict within you. As the old belief shatters, a bigger and truer reality emerges. As you slowly integrate yourself in the new and bigger reality, it becomes an easy and natural place to be. One day you will look back at that severe challenge you had and wonder what the big deal was.


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