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What Does Being Awakened/Enlightened Feel Like?

Awakened/Enlightened is my Natural State. It’s also your natural state. You just can’t see it or feel it… yet.

What does the Natural State feel like? What is it like from inside?

I can describe my constant ‘background’ state of being as natural, organic, simple, pure, raw, unadorned, unpretentious, tranquil, at ease, still, quietly joyous, blissful, peaceful.

At any given moment I may be attentive, curious, fascinated, full of wonder, insightful, free, accepting, allowing, dynamic, moving, changing. These states shift around from one to another, but you get the idea. Whenever focused action in my mind or body ceases for the moment, the natural background state of peace and ease is instantly in the foreground. It is the default state.

More importantly, all the usual tension and stress states that previously were my constant companions… these have melted away forever. I am now: 


It’s the best place to be.

The sense of contentment and concordance always pervades my awareness. It may shift from the foreground to the background and back again, yet it always there, usually dominating my inner landscape.

And… I am still quite human. I might feel happy, sad; delighted, irritated; grounded, spaced out, healthy, sick; and every other set of opposing human states. Emotions flow through me from time to time, just like you… though these emotional states have changed significantly and lessened dramatically. Without the load of ego-driven self-identifiers in there constantly stimulating memories, beliefs, assumptions and opinions – constantly stimulating the old ‘me’ – there is little need for arousing emotions any longer.

Enlightenment is not about discarding your humanness. It is about radically expanding it. Increased and expanded, a greater quality and quantity of Consciousness now flows through me than ever before. Most importantly, a massive shift of internal perception has occurred. With this new expanded perspective, a great Peace & Clarity now dominates my awareness. All activities, all knowledge, all sensory perceptions; all physical, mental and emotional movements now occur on the surface of this deep ocean of peace & clarity. They are like rolling waves upon the ocean. Nothing disturbs the depths. It is the most wonderful Gift I could ever imagine. Gratitude is endless.

The Play of Consciousness: it’s happening in me, through me and all around me. I am That.

You, too, are That. You just don’t know it… or own it… yet.

You call it the Natural State, implying that it’s something of an inborn, innate condition… Why aren’t I already there? Why isn’t everyone already there?

Literally, everyone is already there. You’ve already got it. It is what you are. After all, it is your natural state. The problem is that nearly everyone also has layer upon dense layer of obscuring, obstructing delusions, beliefs, assumptions, opinions, conditioning, programming and whatnot glued and stuck in place all over it. Until all this crap is removed, windows opened, floors swept and mopped, the permanent moment-by-moment experience of your natural state cannot be known or felt. There ain’t no way around this.

It isn’t about ‘improving’ yourself, working to increase your awareness of the ‘now’ moment, getting in touch your ‘deeper self,’ or any other attempt to hone and polish your ego to perfection. There have been many millions of people who have worked extremely hard at spiritual ‘practices’ for decades, trying to reach enlightenment. And never made it.

So, will I ever get there?

Everyone will get there… eventually. First, sufficient soul growth must occur. (SPIRAL DYNAMICS GRAPHIC)

You’ll spend lifetimes soulfully gathering every imaginable experience. You will learn and grow from every one of them. Some much more than others, of course. You might say that ‘soul wisdom’ is accumulating over all of these lifetimes. When your cup is nearly full with a sufficient variety of ego-filtered and ego-mediated experiences, and the resulting wisdom your soul gained from them, you’ll quickly lose interest in what the world has to offer. IOW, being entertained by other people and their dramas, and acquiring material things and exotic experiences will lose its luster. You’ll find that the deeper and much more personal issues of Life become very important: Why am I here? What is the purpose of my Life? What’s it all about? Where’s it all going? Where am I going? What am I?

When these deeper questions of life really grab your mind and heart, they will not let you go until you find satisfying answers.

If you are seriously interested in these questions, relentlessly and maniacally driven to answer them, then you are getting close to breakthrough. You will soon be on your way.

If you are not rabidly interested in this, or if you merely find it mildly fascinating or fun to dabble in ‘spiritual’ matters, then you are not there yet; you are not quite ready. You still have other things to do. The world and its temptations still hold plenty of attraction for you. The world and its temptations includes spiritual temptations and distractions.

For you, there is more soul growth to experience. More wisdom to gather. More drops to continue filling your cup. The world of duality provides the perfect setting for more soul growth to occur. When wisdom accumulation is sufficient, when your cup is completely full, then you will be interested in this, drawn to it like a super-strong magnet. Your craving for answers to life’s big questions will dominate over you like a severe, insatiable addiction. It will not let you go, and you cannot let it go.

One day, one lifetime when the Supreme Consciousness that created you has determined that you have accumulated sufficient experience and wisdom, completely filled your cup to the top, so to speak (i.e. your ego has served its purpose), then your relentless seeking for answers will finally be rewarded: by progressively destroying the questions. The Grand Enlightening Process will begin inside you, steadily and thoroughly ripping out all parts of you that generate these questions. The very source of your spiritual seeking is eliminated.

Then, and only then, will you reside in your Natural State.

You talk about being ‘done’. Do you mean that’s it? Complete? No more growth or evolution of yourself?

When I speak of ‘done,’ I mean that the intense Kundalini Process appears to be complete. Or at least I can say that it has completed this stage of huge transformation inside of me, in my consciousness.

For me, the Kundalini Process was an overwhelmingly massive transmutation of perception, functioning and overall conscious awareness within me. On multiple levels. My whole Being, really. Internally, a huge amount of the ‘old me’ has been excavated, examined, detoxified and eliminated. With all the detoxification, repair and rewiring that has occurred, what remains can operate normally, naturally, without hindrance. What remains has been expanded and amplified in scope, context, power. The result has been extraordinary beyond anything I imagined it might be.

As far as continuing growth or evolution within me, yes, this continues as it does for anyone else. Yet it is all different now. Let me think of a metaphor… OK, here’s a lousy and simple one:

You spend most of your time walking though long corridors. They are narrow, bland, utilitarian. The experience is kind of claustrophobic. There are many others walking the corridors. Growth, or evolution can still occur in this place… but not much. Now and then you come upon doors on your left or right. You open one of them and walk through. You look ahead and what you see are… corridors. More corridors. Maybe this new one is a different color, somewhat bigger size or shape, made of different materials. The architecture and style are slightly different, and maybe you notice a few new and different paintings on the walls.

If you happen to get lucky, the next door you go through leads you to a staircase which rises up one level. You ascend the stairs to the upper landing, open and walk through the door. Ahead of you? More corridors.

You spend lifetimes exploring these corridors, studying them, learning from them in bits and pieces. You also interact with other corridor-walkers, studying them, learning from them in bits and pieces. Slowly you gain in corridor mastery.

Suddenly something comes over you, and some kind of Process takes over within you. After some months or years immersed in this bizarre Process, you are transported, permanently, to a magnificent wide-open mountaintop trail. This trail in front of you is never-ending, with countless branching trails winding through many diverse environments. The views are always outstanding and captivating. You continue walking. Exploring. Enjoying.

Growth and evolution can and does continue, except now your new natural mountain environment is radically bigger, better, more interesting. You have a far greater clarity and perspective about everything. Your context is now profoundly expanded, on all levels.

As well, your own internal sense of joy, peace and ‘at-home-ness’ is solid and permanent. You no longer feel any sense of seeking for answers about your old corridor life. You also clearly see that most others around you are still in their corridors, unable to see or know the reality you now inhabit.


So yes, it’s a random metaphor, but hopefully it gets some points across. Enlightenment is a radical shift of perspective and functioning within you. And you are still here in your human body, interacting with our dualistic reality.

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