~ About Robert ~

Hello to you! I’m Robert Sniadach (pronounced Sny-dak), born 1957 in the USA.

I’ve put together this website to talk about three areas of life I’ve found to be vitally important to me. I believe you’ll find them important to you, too.

Professionally, I received my doctorate in Chiropractic in 1993 and completed a clinical Natural Hygiene fasting internship with renowned Dr. William Esser in 1994. Since then I have been involved with teaching Natural Hygiene, clinical fasting supervision and natural health maintenance for many hundreds of people.

Along the way I have often delved deep into the subject of personal power and personal sovereignty. Many related subjects were required to get a solid handle on the essence of what it is to be an innately free human being in our world.

Multiple unexpected spiritual breakdowns and breakthroughs occurred during a full Kundalini awakening that reached completion in 2004, after four and a half years of intense challenges. My experience over the years since then have been ongoing acclimation and integration, and now the time is right to offer this website.

Currently I reside in Ecuador, South America on a beautiful little farm in a pristine river valley, with lots of fruit trees, several gardens, hundreds of coffee and banana trees and a motley crew of dogs running around. Not to forget the horse, donkey and mule, who watch all our antics with bemused smiles on their faces. “Just keep the carrots coming,” I can hear them say.


I have created this website for several reasons; the primary one is to talk about things that I find extremely fascinating, liberating, and that have been very beneficial in my life. Second is to pass along whatever knowledge and wisdom I have gained over all these years to anyone who is interested. Third is to have some fun. Perhaps I can shed some light on questions you may have, and provoke you to ask deeper ones.

My primary intention is to explore and explain the patterns and processes at work in natural health care, personal liberty, and spiritual awakening into Enlightenment. There is a very similar unfolding, evolving process at work in all three, and once you see it, a lot of your questions are instantly answered. Doubts fall away. Hesitancy disappears. The Way Forward becomes much clearer. Your ability to get maximum benefit from your pursuit of any or all three of these most important human endeavors is dramatically increased.

It’s an amazing and thrilling journey investigating, practicing and steadily mastering the important things in life. And, of course, it’s always an ongoing endeavor. At times it can be a very rough climb, but once you gain some altitude, the view is outstanding. Getting up there is half the fun. Reaching the crest is literally mind-blowing, and the ride back down is thrilling beyond compare.

I am happy to help you along the way.


Since I’m claiming to have something of value to offer to you in the realms of natural health care, personal sovereignty, personal power and most importantly spiritual awakening, you might think to yourself, “Who is this guy and why should I trust him, or believe anything he says?”

First, let me set out my motivation.

Deep in my gut, since I was a kid, I always had a subtle feeling there was something fundamentally wrong, something awry, something broken in the way the world worked… or was it me that was the problem? It was an undefined, gnawing feeling of alienation and being unfulfilled, coupled with a deep dissatisfaction with the human world as it operated – its pretend morality, approved standards, acceptable goals and expected rewards. I didn’t seem to belong here. None of the things that were supposed to make me happy ever did so in fulfilling depth, or for any satisfying length of time.

Freedom seemed to be the goal, and Truth the answer I yearned for. I didn’t understand what it was I wanted to be free from, or what the truth might be that I was seeking. Nevertheless, the promise of these two words resonated deep inside, and relentlessly hammered within me as far back as I could remember. Sometimes the hammer strikes seemed like distant echoes; other times they were right in my face.

On the surface, life was good. I had a fairly conventional lower-middle class, East coast American upbringing. Food in my belly, a roof over my head, plenty of friends to play with. Mom and Dad played their parent roles as well as they knew how, and together we surfed along the boom years of the 50s, 60s and early 70s. Loads of wonderful experiences, a handful of traumatic experiences. Eventually I made my way into a tech career, mostly as a CAD designer/draftsman in electro-mechanical R&D work, while night-owling as a lead and rhythm guitarist in several rock and roll and progressive bands in my early adult years, playing both original music and covers of popular songs.

No complaints.


It was in those very early adult years that 3 distinct tracks began to take shape in my life – personal health care (physical), personal power (mental and emotional), and self realization (spiritual).

The first track kicked in around age 22. Due to some worsening personal health concerns, after wasting huge amounts of time, money and effort seeking answers in conventional and alternative health care, I was lucky enough to come across the Natural Hygiene (NH) system of personal health care. I began my NH studies in 1982. I quickly gained such excellent results, and got so interested in Natural Hygiene that I eventually ditched my corporate technical career entirely. I received my doctorate in Chiropractic in 1993 and completed a clinical NH fasting internship with renowned Dr. William Esser in 1994. I was a certified member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians (a specialty group of physicians advocating, teaching and supervising fasting for patients) from 1994 to 1999.

I now have over 25 years of personal and clinical experience with fasting, detoxification programs and chronic disease care logged in, and I have conducted fasting and meditation retreats at various locations in the USA, Belize and Australia.

In 2000 I created Transformation Institute to provide a comprehensive home study course in Natural Hygiene for passionate health seekers who are looking for the real deal. You can find info about the Course on this site.

Though the clinical and practical health care work was very satisfying and beneficial for me and for those I served, I continued to feel that same deep-seated longing that initially drove my desire for high-level health. Sometimes I spontaneously experienced a profound shift of awareness to a much higher realm, and with it came a boundless, still and silent joy that was completely stunning and overwhelming. I now see that those spontaneous shifts of awareness were tempting tastes of the huge potential hidden within my being. My considerable time spent seeking and achieving a tuned-up mind and healthy body were apparently just my first preparatory steps for future awakenings… though at the time, of course, I had no idea what was to come.


On another track in my early to mid 20s, I was beginning to make some decent money in my technical career. One year I recall filing a federal income tax return, and the end result was a huge (to me) chunk of cash being extracted out of my earnings and sent to some insolent strangers who called themselves ‘the government.’ Being that I had previously paid zero attention to, nor given any real thought about the omnipresent entity called ‘government,’ this robbery of a good chunk of my money really pissed me off. WTF? Who are these people and what gives them the ‘right’ to steal any of my money?

You may chuckle at my young adult naiveté, probably because at one time you experienced that same moment of incredulity and had the same thoughts about it. But rather than accept the shrug of my friend’s shoulders and his advice to just pay up and shut up, I decided to do a bit more research into this annual robbery that everyone obediently endures.

‘A bit more research’ turned into a lot. My studies of law, legal systems, political systems, monetary systems, religious mandates and whatnot took me down many obscure paths. Each path led to a unique vantage point behind the curtains of the criminal protection racket we call ‘government.’ Deeper investigation led to the root: the assumption of ‘superior moral authority’ that virtually everyone believes is justly possessed and administered by this collective supernatural hallucination: ‘Government, Inc.’

My studies of all this arcane legal, social and political crap simultaneously highlighted my ignorance of the human psyche, especially my own. I quickly realized I didn’t know much about why people think and act as they do. I didn’t know much about how the human brain and mind operated. I didn’t know about its strengths and weaknesses; its biases and blind spots. I didn’t understand what really motivated people, and why. I previously assumed that all people were more-or-less similar as far as their goals, values and the conditions of life that formed them. IOW, I was very naive.

Once I came to understand some of the basics of mental and emotional health, I wanted to understand how our inherent strengths and weaknesses, biases and blind spots have been studied, manipulated and exploited by devious individuals since our species first began believing in and bowing to government authority. So, naturally, I had to stick my nose deep into the realms of evolutionary psychology, sociology and healthy individual character development.

Similar to my deep immersion into personal health care matters, my time spent learning about how we human beings think and act bore good fruit. My study of proper ethics and righteous moral action slowly morphed into deeper existential inquiries into natural law, the essence of personal sovereignty, personal power and right action. My burning desire inside was reflected outward in my quest to figure out, exactly, what in the hell was going on around here.


The third track for me was a gradual wading into the world of spirituality. During my early adult years I toyed around with spiritual topics and had a loose attraction to it. It was in my mid 30s that the Big Questions of My Existence elbowed their way front and center in my awareness. I made my way into the three-ring-circus of Religion and Spirituality. Seeking for permanent answers, I investigated the good, bad and ugly of it all.

This is a somewhat more detailed description of my spiritual awakening and enlightening path. Here I will summarize:

I was born, developed an ego with its profound sense of separation, had fun with it and wrestled with it for many years. Then the Kundalini Awakening Process kicked in and intensely ran its enlightening course within me for 4 years. The constrictions, attachments and foundation of my ego self-identity broke free and fell away as the Kundalini process completed itself. Now I live with clarity and a sense of openness and connectedness that is supremely satisfying, far beyond what I had imagined it might be like.

There are many significant sub-plots that wove their way into my spiritual awakening story. Conventional religions, mystical offshoots. Esoteric spiritual practices, simple daily disciplines. Hallucinogens, gurus and a twin soul. I’ll bring them up from time to time, and we can discuss the possible benefit and importance they may have for you. My enlightening story and timeline will not be your story or timeline. But there will be a lot of overlap and similarities that are common to every deep, intense and thorough awakening process. In these pages, maybe you’ll find a bomb that will blow open a door for you.

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