Spiritual Awakening

An Awakening is a Major shift of perception.
A radical expansion of awareness occurs, and it is permanent.

With every awakening experience, major or minor, something is lost:
fear, ignorance, perceived limitation, false belief, erroneous assumption, unsound opinion.

And something is gained:
enhanced outlook, greater sense of possibility, heightened creativity, expanded ability, new skill.

Every real awakening makes you feel fresh, alive and energized.
The natural awesome joy experienced during an awakening is the built-in reward.

Under this banner called Spiritual Awakening I focus on the Major awakening experiences.
Even more important, and rarely talked about,
is the extremely intense and permanently transformative
Awakening Process itself.

If you are so destined, the awakening process may ignite within you.

This is how it happened within me.

This over-arching awakening process is the true permanent power source and transformer
that initiates the intense inner work necessary to arrive at the Enlightened state.

Becoming Awakened, Enlightened, Self-Realized, or whatever you want to call it,
is the final breakthrough that occurs after a long process
of confrontation, examination, deconstruction and detoxification
of all false, inauthentic beliefs you hold within you.
Simultaneously, repairs, upgrades and a thorough rebuilding/rewiring
occurs within your physical body, your mind and your subtle energy field.
To get to the finish line requires countless changes and refinements
within you, on multiple levels.

The overall spiritual Awakening Process,
and the repeating pattern that drives the changes that occur within,
are similar to the physical detoxification processes that occur in your body
when fasting and rejuvenating the body.

The Awakening Process also mirrors the mental detoxification processes that occur
when aberrant programming, conditioning and false beliefs dissolve away
as you awaken to who and what you are as a free, sovereign, individual human being.

The Awakening Process works the same way in all three of these major spheres of Life.
Once you become familiar with the Process and Patterns involved,
your personal growth races ahead in leaps and bounds.

After your final Enlightening breakthrough,
there will be many years of acclimation to this new state of being,
and continued, evolving refinement within your psyche.

Your soul essence is now able
to powerfully shine through
your human body and mind.

It is truly awesome.
Beyond imagination, beyond compare.

The powerful energy and immense intelligence required
to conduct and complete your own Awakening Process
is primed and waiting,
already inside you.


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