Authenticity, Clarity and Right Action Arise when Falseness, Delusion and Pretense are Eliminated
Always keep your eye on the goal:  Liberation of your Innate Potential
Truth will set you Free
Trust me. I know what I’m doing. ~ The Creator


To be healthy, subtract all that is unhealthy…
Good Health naturally appears.

Nature Works. Always has, Always will.
Nature is always our mentor and teacher. Nature has all the answers we will ever need.

Harmonizing our lives with Nature’s Laws and Principles allows our body and mind to express itself to its fullest extent. Your intuition will perfectly guide you.

Once you build a strong, healthy mental understanding about how your body and mind works, a profound intuitive understanding begins to take over.


To be free, subtract all limiting beliefs…
Freedom & Liberty radically expands.

Freedom, independence and autonomy is what human life is all about. Free to experience, free to make mistakes, free to learn from them.

 Everyone is meant to mature and become a true adult: totally autonomous, self-determining, self-balancing, self-healing, self-regulating, self-correcting.

Confident, mature self-knowledge begets authentic relationships with your fellow humans, and all of Life around you.


To know thy Self, subtract your believed self…
Enlightened Awareness is your Natural State.

The spiritual awakening process works directly on the self-image and self-identity you have constructed within yourself throughout your entire life. 

Disassembly and elimination of all inauthenticity within you is the most difficult yet liberating process a human being can experience.

The old you is gone, but your body and mind remain… clean, fresh, unencumbered. It is an awesome and permanent realization. Come see for yourself.


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