Natural Hygiene

I have spent many thousands of hours exploring, studying and experimenting
in the natural health arena, and all of this trial and error
has led me to a beautiful, comprehensive and plainly sensible
health care system called Natural Hygiene.
Once I learned it and put it to work, 40 years ago, I never looked back.
Natural Hygiene is the most ‘natural’ of all natural health care concepts you will ever find.
The outstanding results speak for themselves.

Natural – Of, relating to, or concerning Nature.
Hygiene – The conditions and practices that promote and preserve health.
Natural Hygiene: The natural principles and practices that best promote and preserve health.

Natural Hygiene is the study of all the conditions which make life possible.
Because so much of humanity has lost touch with these conditions which best favor healthful living,
Natural Hygiene brings us “back to the garden,” so to speak.

We can learn to meet life’s healthful requirements, and to smoothly balance them
so that we naturally and easily lead a joyous and fulfilling existence.

Natural Hygiene always defers to nature as its Master Mentor and Teacher.
Nature Works. Always has, and always will.

Freedom, independence and autonomy is what human life is all about.
We are meant to become fully autonomous, self-determining, self-balancing,
self-healing, self-regulating and self-correcting.
Instead, in various ways, we get enslaved.

Natural Hygiene teaches you how to achieve superlative health and self-reliance.
You become competent and confident enough
to become an independent and autonomous free being,
because freedom means that you’re capable of being
self-regulating, self-directing, self-accountable and self-responsible.

Natural Hygiene ties it all together perfectly, and beautifully.


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