Freedom, Liberty, Personal Sovereignty

To be free is to have the power of self-determination, free will.
There is an absence of coercion or constraint.
Freedom is a condition that exists within your mind, for you.
Within my mind, for me… an inner sense of integrity.
It is living without internal conflict or contradiction.
Freedom is an internal philosophical and psychological condition.

To have liberty is to have the social ability to choose, to act, to do as one desires.
There exists an absence of restraint or a need for permission.
You are self-governed by your ethical and moral foundation.
The Golden Rule – harm no one else by your actions – is paramount.
Liberty is a condition that arises from free people living together in society.
Liberty is an external social condition.

To be sovereign is to own, control and govern yourself.
To be autonomous, independent, able to choose.
As a sovereign, you exercise supreme authority within your personal sphere.

Freedom from constraint.
Nothing within or without limits me from doing what I want to do.
Liberty to act.
I ethically and morally do what I want to do within society.
Sovereign to choose.
I exercise my power, or not, as I wish.

Important words describing very important ideas.
Why are they important?

Let’s jump right to the bottom line: Why are you & I here… on Earth… in a human body?
You are here to Experience. To Learn. To Grow.
Physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually.
All varieties of growth are ultimately spiritual growth.
To learn our life lessons as intensely, quickly and thoroughly as possible.
To grow in experience and gain wisdom as fast as possible.
To evolve our soul to its maximum extent in this lifetime.

Now put it all together:
To grow as fast as possible means to have the greatest possible variety of challenging experiences available to you, at all times.
To have the greatest possible variety of challenging experiences available to you at all times means to have the maximum degree of Freedom, Liberty and Personal Sovereignty in your life.
And the same in everyone else’s life. 

When you understand, own and live with the awareness of maximum freedom, liberty and sovereignty, then nothing and no one in life hinders your most rapid spiritual growth.

You are as free as possible to live your life… to express every aspect of yourself, and to join and express with others… in every imaginable way… provided that you fully uphold, support and keep sacred the same freedoms and liberties for everyone and everything else on Earth.

In one statement: The maximum potential for spiritual growth for every man and woman exists within an environment of maximum freedom, liberty and personal sovereignty.

For maximum spiritual growth you must have maximum Freedom and Liberty.
That is why I work toward maximum freedom for All.

The natural social state of the spiritual human being is anarchy/voluntaryism.
No Masters, No Slaves.

Anarchy means No Rulers; no ruling class above you.
However, there are Rules:
the proper Ethical framework, and culturally expected Moral behavior,
that is clearly ordained by Natural Law.

Voluntaryism is the realization that ALL social interaction between people
should be voluntary and, by necessity, free of external coercion.
All social intercourse is based solely on mutual consent.

Human potential is unbounded.
You and I each decide how we want to live.
You are your own final authority in all matters.
Accountability and responsibility is high.
The rewards are infinite.

Each of us begins this awesome journey as soon as we are ready to begin.
The moment you choose to begin, you have begun.
Your first step is to closely examine your beliefs that hold you back.



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