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To be free is to not have external restraint imposed on you. There is an absence of necessity, coercion or constraint.

To have liberty is to have the internal ability to act; to think and do as one desires, self-governed by one’s ethical and moral foundation.

I remember it like this:
Liberty to do…
Freedom from…
Liberty to ethically and morally do what I want…
Freedom from constraint; no one else stopping me from doing what I want, or limiting how I do it.

There is no real consensus on the definitions of liberty and freedom; they are often used interchangeably. I find it important to use them in the sense that freedom, to be free, is a broader unrestricted term, whereas liberty has to do with one’s thoughts and actions that arise within one’s personal sense of ethics and morality, responsibility, duty or obligation. Whenever I use these words, they apply as described above.

My mantra: For every inquiry, and every answer; for every action considered, and every action taken; for every outcome, and every insight that emerges afterwards: does this expand freedom of my mind, body & spirit? Or not? Does it expand everyone else’s freedom of mind, body & spirit as well?

All endeavors either respect and strengthen freedom of individual minds and actions, or not. All roads lead to mind freedom or mind control.

Always keep your eye locked on the goal: liberation of individual power, creativity, imagination.  Your power. Everyone else’s power. Human power, creativity and imagination is unlimited, infinite.

For various reasons, humanity has suppressed itself for thousands of years. As long as the general belief in the presumed need to have a government ruling class ruling over everyone continues, everyone is severely held back. As long as the upbringing of children is constrained within authoritarian structures, including the home life of early childhood merging into the rigid structures built into the school system of youth, society will continue to crank out drone-like people who rarely question authority, much less see that permanent authoritarian structures are completely unnecessary at all.

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