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At one time in my life, I absolutely loved playing guitar in rock & roll bands. Different styles of music – rock & roll, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive jazz-rock, blues and pop dance music – each of them were dominant at one time or another. Not only playing the guitar, but playing and creating with some very talented men and women was very, very cool. Treasured memories. Along the way, I composed many instrumental songs in all of those styles, and more. Most of my compositions, and the various studio sessions where I worked with other artists on their original material, were saved on reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes, floppy disks and others. Nearly all of them are long gone, lost along the way as I moved from place to place later in life. Music comes… and it goes.

I recreated some compositions of mine on an early model digital 8-track recorder and synthesizer workstation way back in the late 1980s and early 90s. Some of them have survived, although none of them are finished or mastered. I had fun composing in different styles. A few of the selections were meant to be backing tracks for a video game a friend was designing. Others are meant to have vocal melodies and harmonies, but since a good singer was not available (not me!), I just played the vocal melody on the synth. Some were simple ideas; others were multi-tracked practice runs to get the feel for a creating a finished product. And several of these amateur mixes of mine are fairly close to the finished composition as I originally imagined they should sound… though all the tracks with electronic drums do not begin to capture the feel of an excellent real drummer. All of the instruments you hear are played by me, either on various guitars or on the Yamaha SY-99 synthesizer workstation.

Best with headphones.









Spooky Triplets

Keltic1 – unfinished


Entrance-Dialog-Into Battle


Journey Lullaby



Nice Melody7


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